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Portfolio Review

Submission Deadline

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 by 9 pm
Education Center, Second Floor, 320 Newbury Street

Purpose of the Portfolio Review

The BAC Portfolio Review is intended to evaluate a student's readiness for advancement through the BAC curriculum and to communicate the results of this evaluation to the student through a standardized process.

All BAC students, except MDS students, must submit a portfolio at the end of their Segment I curriculum. Students in the schools of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and the Bachelor of Design Studies program will also submit a portfolio near the end of their Segment II curriculum.


Students register for the Portfolio Review when they register for classes. Counselors from Academic Services and Practice review each student's eligibility once the student is registered. The Segment I Portfolio Reviews are held in December and May, and Segment II Portfolio Reviews are held in December, May, and July. Portfolios are reviewed by the BAC faculty, education directors, deans, and community. All reviewers are required to attend a calibration before participating in their first review; after this initial introduction, attendance at subsequent calibrations is optional but encouraged at least once every two years.

Portfolios are reviewed independently by a minimum of two reviewers. If the first two reviewers agree on whether the portfolio should pass or fail, a senior reviewer will write a "confirming" review. If the first two reviewers disagree on whether the portfolio should pass or fail, a senior reviewer will write a full third review, and the book will pass or fail according to the senior reviewer's decision. Students are not present during the Portfolio Review, and so it is crucial that the work included in the portfolio be communicated clearly.

Foundation Portfolio Review 

This review is a student's first opportunity to submit a compilation of work that clearly documents progress and growth through the Foundation curriculum. Upon completion of the required studios in the program of study and the Segment I courses listed on their degree program curriculum sheet, all students must sit for the Foundation Portfolio Review.  The requirements for what is to be included in the Segment I portfolio are identical for each program of study. A student whose portfolio passes the Segment I review is allowed to continue on to Segment II course work. 

Segment II Portfolio Review

All BAC students, except MDS, MSIA, and BSArch students, must sit for the Segment II Portfolio Review. The Segment II portfolio must clearly document progress and growth through Segment II, and it should demonstrate the student's growth through academic coursework, career development (through professional or other practical experience), and personal projects, if applicable. The portfolio is evaluated with an eye toward the interaction between the academic and applied learning environments. Reviewers look for clarity in design concepts and vigorous exploration in supportive studies.

Students must be cleared by an academic advisor and a practice advisor to submit to Segment II Portfolio Review. Students are encouraged to submit their Segment II portfolio at the earliest date possible as indicated in their curriculum worksheet. Students whose portfolios pass the Segment II review are allowed to continue on to Segment III coursework. Students whose portfolios fail the Segment II review are encouraged to meet with their respective dean to determine an appropriate course of action which may include additional course(s) and/or revisions to be made to the portfolio.

Portfolio Review Contact Information:

To register: Office of the Registrar at, 617.585.0195
To check on academic clearance: Office of Advising at, 617.585.0160
To check on practice clearance: Practice Department at, 617.585.0145
For questions about the submittal process: Education Center at, 617.585.0169
For content questions about Segment I foundation: Lee Peters at
For content questions about Segment II architecture: Mark Rukamathu at
For content questions about Segment II interior architecture: Denise Rush at
For content questions about Segment II landscape architecture: Maria Bellalta at
For content questions about Segment II design studies: Don Hunsicker at