Make at the BAC

Fabrication - Turning Ideas Into Reality

Fabrication is an integral part of studying at the BAC. The process of converting two dimensional hand or computer based ideas into relatable physical objects for exploration and study is a vital element in the design process. We offere many resources bring your ideas to life. 


3D Printing - CoDeR Lab (Rm 403) at 320 Newbury Street

Use 3D printting for rapid prototyping and iteration of design ideas and aesthetics. Our MakerBot 3D Printers create make small, cost effective models from your 3D digital files.


CNC Routing - Basement (Rm 003) at 320 Newbury Street

Use CNC routing to create site models, furniture, and parametric parts.


Laser Cutting/Engraving - LaserLab (Rm 411) at 320 Newbury Street

Use laser cutting for fine detail, and for rapidly assembly of paper, chipboard or cardboard models. Other approved materials can be used. 


The Shop - Basement (Rm 009) at 320 Newbury Street

Use the shop to model wood and other machinable materials.  Standard power tools are available to help you create your models. 

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