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Laser Lab

Laser Cutting at the BAC

The BAC has three laser cutting devices located in room 412 - The Laser Lab - on the fourth floor of 320 Newbury Street.

Universal Laser Systems VLS 6.6
All laser cutters at the BAC are Universal Laser System VLS 6.6 60-watt metal-tube CO2 lasers. They can accommodate sheet material up to a maximum of 18 inches by 32 inches with a thickness of up to 6 inches (for etching) and 1/4 inch for cutting (depending on the material).

Using the Laser Cutters
Before using either laser cutter, students are required to attend a two-part Safety and Operation Orientation. 
Part 1 of the orientation is an online (Moodle) self-guided course that takes approximately 1 hour to complete. It contains two quizzes that must be passed at 100% to continue to Part 2 of the training. To have the online course assigned to you, if you are a current student or faculty, please email

Part 2 of the orientation is an in-person safety and operational review. These take place every Saturday during the semester and begin at 12 pm sharp. Reservations are not required, but attendees arriving late will be asked to join a future session.

Students should know how to draft and print 2D vector linework from AutoCAD, Rhino, or Illustrator to make best use of the Laser Cutters.


The laser cutters can now be reserved online from a web browser. Those who have completed the orientation will be able to book the laser cutters through the BAC's online booking portal at If using a mobile phone, it is recommended to select "Desktop View" prior to logging in. Your login is your standard BAC credentials.

Allowed Materials
It is important to use only approved matererials. The laser cutters can be safely used on most tree-based products: cardboard, chipboard, museum board, paper, thin wood, and wood veneer. Some plastics such as acrylic, pet-g, and styrene are allowed, but you must consult with an application support specialist at the CODER LAB (room 405 @ 320 Newbury) before cutting any other plastics or unknown material. Inappropriate materials may result not only in poor results, but damaging fires, toxic fumes, and poinonous gasses. 

For a detailed overview of using the laser cutters, visit the Fab Labs & Technology course that can be found in Moodle. It is assigned to all Students, Faculty, and Staff and contains the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the FabLab facilities at the BAC.