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Digital Storage

Home Drive - Digital Network Storage

File Storage 

The BAC provides 500MB of dedicated space to each student for file storage and web publishing. This space is available to you both at the BAC and over the Web. Web access is password protected through the use of your network login.

When you log onto a computer in the BAC Computer Labs, your X: drive or Home Directory will be automatically available to you. Open 'Computer' for a list of attached network drives, including your X: drive.

You can also access your storage space via the Web at the following address: or using FTP software such as FIleZilla. If you are working on a BAC machine in a computer lab, please be sure to log off of the machine completely. These steps will ensure that you alone have access to your files.

Personal Web Page

Within your home drive you may create a sub-folder called "web". Any documents in this folder are automatically published to the web and accessible to the public. In other words, to publish a web page, all you have to do is save an appropriate HTML file (a file named index.html) into the web folder.

To view your pages, use the following link: (replacing firstname.lastname with your BAC login name). Note that no password is required to access this folder.

Your web storage space is included in your 500MB quota of file storage space.


We discourage storing personal information such as account numbers, grades, and social security numbers in your home and web folders. As with all network exposed resources, the BAC's network is consistently under threat of attack. The BAC is not responsible for published information in home folders.