Access and Forwarding Email

Student and Faculty Email

Students and faculty are provided with a BAC email account. All correspondence from the registrar, bursar, financial aid and academic departments will be to your BAC email account, thus checking this account is vital to effective communication. 

Email Access and Forwarding

There are several methods of accessing your email:

Through the web go to and use your network login.  

You can also choose to have your email forwarded to another account. To set up email forwarding or to remove forwarding go to

Alternatively, you can have your email account added to your smart device. Instructions are available at the helpdesk. The does not support the devices directly. If you have problems with mail on your device, we will ensure that there are no issues with your ability to log into webmail - any other issues are unsupported. 


Each mailbox is limited to 250Mb of space, thus please clean out your mailbox frequently.