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Wireless Access

Wireless Access
Wireless access for BAC students and faculty is available throughout the campus. Please call or email with your username and BAC ID number to request access. Directions will be sent to enrolled students each semester on how to gain access.

Acceptable Use Policy For BAC Wireless Networks
The BAC wireless LAN is intended to be a convenient addition to the wired LAN, but not a substitute for wired BAC computers. It is primarily intended for web browsing only. The wireless access points have been located to promote the best coverage, but may be affected by number of concurrent users in an area. 

To ensure security to both internal resources and your devices, outbound access is limited to web browsing and FTP.  Not all school resources will be available directly from the wireless network. 

Although each wireless connection is isolated from the other, this network should be viewed as public. Each user is responsible for securing their computer from possible attacks. We suggest using a personal firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your machine.


  1. Any peer sharing, bit torrent seeds, or other file sharing services (KaZaa, LimeWire, Gnutella) must be turned off. This applies to any type of files being shared, legal or otherwise.
  2. Broadcast frequencies used by the wireless network may be monitored.
  3. Use of the wireless network is subject to the general restrictions of the Acceptable Use Policy for Campus.
  4. Other than "guest" access, only authenticated access to the college's wireless network is permitted. Sharing of authentication credentials will result in loss of wireless access rights.
  5. The BAC monitors illegal downloads or uploads. If we receive a take down request, meaning that a connection has been flagged for illegal usage by an outside party, your machine will be restricted from the network. If outside party requests contact information of the offending party, the BAC may be forced to provide this information. 


  1. Connection to the wireless network is through a standard SSID. Complications due to individual machine configurations will be either minimally supported, best effort supported, or not supported on a case by case basis.
  2. Performance varies and cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Off-campus connections to the wireless network are not permitted.
  4. Devices connecting to the wireless network must be capable of meeting minimum security standards, as defined by Information Systems.