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On Exhibition

In May 2015, the BAC Library presented an exhibition of Then and Now, demonstrating covers of over 100 books spanning the years 1920-today in the College's McCormick Gallery. 


Then and Now

Showcasing the most vital books in a design education.

Popular titles from the BAC Library

The books you see here represent the books with the highest circulation from the Boston Architectural College Library. By mining our statistical data, we know what books our students, faculty and staff actually use for education, research and edification.  Each title below has a  link that will take you to the Library's catalog record where you can learn addtional information. 

  1. Shaping structures: statics
  2. Croquis.
  3. Key houses of the twentieth century: plans, sections and elevations
  4. Student programming guides #1
  5. Student programming guides #2
  6. Structures/
  7. College physics I 
  8. BAC plans 
  9. Fundamentals of building construction : materials and methods
  10. Design drawing
  11. Visions of the real : modern houses in the 20th century
  12. Physics for architects/
  13. Heating, cooling, lighting : sustainable design methods for architects/
  14. GA houses.
  15. Architecture, from prehistory to postmodernity /
  16. Fundamentals of building construction : materials and methods/
  17. Architecture student's handbook of professional practice/
  18. Image of the city.
  19. Insurance maps of Boston, Massachusetts.
  20. Architectural acoustics/
  21. Sarah Eigen - Segment 1 Portfolio
  22. Architect's handbook of professional practice/
  23. Architecture, form, space & order
  24. Form and forces: designing efficient, expressive structures
  25. Mies van der Rohe : Barcelona Pavilion 
  26. Le Corbusier archive.
  27. Architecture and interior design through the 18th century: an integrated history/
  28. Andrea Palladio: the architect in his time
  29. Physics for architects copy 2
  30. Structures/
  31. Site analysis: diagramming information for architectural design
  32. Surface restoration plan : Harvard Square.
  33. Le Corbusier at work: the genesis of the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts I
  34. Andrea Palladio, 1508-1580: architect between the Renaissance and Baroque/
  35. Andrea Palladio.
  36. Segment I - Brent Andy Miller
  37. Palladio's villas,
  38. Theorizing a new agenda for architecture: an anthology of architectural theory, 1965-1995 /
  39. Holly Arnold - Segment 1 Portfolio
  40. GA document.
  41. Precedents in architecture: analytic diagrams, formative ideas, and partis /
  42. Sun, wind & light: architectural design strategies/
  43. Traditions in architecture: Africa, America, Asia, and Oceania
  44. Segment II Portfolio -- Don Kim
  45. Renzo Piano Building Workshop: complete works
  46. Palladio,
  47. Handbook of environmental acoustics/
  48. Small, medium, large, extra-large: Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rem Koolhaas, and Bruce Mau
  49. Louis I. Kahn: Margaret Esherick House, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, 1959-61; Norman Fisher House, Hatboro,
  50. Architectural programming: information management for design/
  51. Corpus Palladianum
  52. Rietveld Schroder house/
  53. Farnsworth House: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe/
  54. Problem seeking: an architectural programming primer/
  55. Villas of Palladio/
  56. Interior lighting for designers
  57. Details of modern architecture
  58. Mapping Boston
  59. Palladian ideal/
  60. Site planning
  61. Oeuvre complète
  62. Christopher V. Raichle - Segment 1 Portfolio
  63. Tadao Ando: Azuma House, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, Japan, 1975-76, Koshi no House, Ashiya, Hyogo, Japan, 1979-81/1983-84, Kidosaki House, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  64. History of architecture: settings and rituals/
  65. Heating, cooling, lighting : design methods for architects I
  66. Archaeology of Greece: an introduction/
  67. Architectural drafting : residential and commercial
  68. Architectural graphics
  69. Segment I - M.Arch - Ruthie Kuhlman
  70. Gropius House : a history
  71. Boston proper
  72. Palladio's architecture and its influence: a photographic guide
  73. Key buildings of the 20th century: plans, sections and elevations
  74. [Gropius House, Lincoln, Massachusetts]
  75. Kresge Chapel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  76. Maison de Verre: Pierre Chareau 
  77. Rietveld Schroder house
  78. Learning from Las Vegas
  79. Carlo Scarpa, architect: intervening with history
  80. Glenn Murcutt: buildings + projects 1962-2003 
  81. Cultural landscape: an introduction to human geography
  82. Schroder House, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1923-24 
  83. Massachusetts coastal watersheds
  84. Architecture and interior design from the 19th century: an integrated history, volume 2 
  85. Casa Malaparte 
  86. Palladio and Palladianism 
  87. Tadao Ando: complete works
  88. Katsura Villa: space and form
  89. Invisible cities
  90. Architectural graphics
  91. College algebra and trigonometry
  92. Envisioning information
  93. Twentieth-century houses
  94. Modern architecture since 1900
  95. Malaparte : a house like me
  96. Boston; a topographical history
  97. Early Christian and Byzantine architecture
  98. Social life of small urban spaces
  99. Louis I. Kahn : light and space
  100. Portfolio design