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BAC Shaw and Stone Library
Anyone who wishes to donate books or magazines should contact the Library Director.
Donation Considerations
The Library welcomes donations, but does reserve the right to decline an offer based upon the needs of the Library. If donations are accepted, the Library may keep some parts of the donation and make un-needed portions available to students.

At this time, the only architectural drawings which can be accepted are those of BAC properties.

The recipient of a gift is, by law, not permitted to place a value on that gift. The Librarian can, however, provide a detailed description of the donation which may assist the donor in reaching a fair value.

Visual Resources Library
Please contact the Visual Resources Librarian, Sheri Rosenzweig, if you are interested in donating a collection of either 35mm slides or digital images.
Donation Considerations
In accepting donations, we consider whether images are in good condition, whether the subject matter will be supportive of the disciplines taught at the BAC, whether the images are original [as opposed to copystand or another type of derivative] and whether there are technical issues which may limit inclusion [such as insufficient identification]. Please review our donation policies in full at Visual Resources Donation Policies.

Please contact the Archivist at 617-585-0133 or preferably by e-mail at
Donation Considerations
The BAC collects two kinds of records:

  1. Institutional Archives of the BAC - Institutional records created by BAC departments and committees that have been determined to have value for long-term retention will be reviewed for inclusion in the Archives once they are ready for transfer from their offices of record.
  2. Manuscripts, Special Collections and Personal Papers - Records created by individuals or other institutions associated with the BAC provide historical context. Such items may be donated to the BAC Archives, but only by specific, advance arrangement.

Please review our donation policies in full at Archives Donation Policies.