Student & Faculty Support

Visual Resources Library

BAC Instructor Morris Tyler

BAC Instructor Morris Tyler

Visual by Sheri Rosenzweig, excerpt from Morris Tyler's syllabus

Student Support
The VR Library welcomes students to inquire about research methods for locating images. We can field questions about the advanced search features of the BAC Visual Resources Images Database as well as assist with queries about locating images through the Library's other resources.

Faculty Support
Faculty members interested in discussing how the collection can best serve their needs are encouraged to contact the Visual Resources Librarian, Sheri Rosenzweig.  The VR Library is extremely invested in collaborating with faculty. We invite faculty to discuss their image needs with respect to forthcoming lectures. With advance notice, we can assist in locating visual content for classroom or online lectures.

Conditions of Use for All Images Supplied by the VR Library
Images can be used for educational purposes within the classroom and within authenticated distance education environments such as Moodle. An image may not be used for commercial purposes nor in publications (in print or online) unless permission has been obtained from the copyright holder.