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2020-2021 Student Leadership Applications

student leadership poster

Why get involved?

  • Builds community,
  • Promotes collegiality,
  • Experiential learning,
  • Professional & personal growth,
  • Engages on a deeper level with BAC students, faculty, and staff,
  • Employers look for leadership experience!


Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an advocate for the BAC community and acts as a liaison for students to the Administration, Staff, and Faculty. The SGA strives to affect changes on behalf of the students, thereby creating a more enjoyable environment and a promising future. The SGA offers opportunities for leadership development, involvement, and personal growth within the BAC.

Click here to review SGA's positions, election process, and application form. 

Orientation Leaders

Are you interested in meeting incoming students beginning their journey at the BAC? Do you have a unique personality and desire to help others acclimate to a new city, surroundings, and school? You may consider applying to be an Orientation Leader. There is an application and interview process for Orientation Leader selection. Orientation Leaders receive a stipend for training and new student orientation.

Click here to read more about the position and access the application form. 

Midnight Fellowship

Midnight Fellows are intended to offer a human presence, with an eye to the BAC Campus Compact, which promotes a productive learning environment among our late night students. The Office of Student Life will offer small events such as films, game nights, snacks, and talks. Midnight Fellows will collaboratively brainstorm, publicize, prepare, supervise, and clean-up activities. In addition to open buildings, a human touch is necessary. Last year's Midnight Fellows made great strides toward building a tangible late night culture on campus by keeping key services going in the computer labs, and also inventing and executing events to enrich the BAC's evening hours. Midnight Fellows are compensated based on working 20 hours each week by receiving a $4000 stipend deducted from their student account. Click here to apply to be a Midnight Fellow. 

Resident Assistants

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a full-time BAC student living in one of the residence halls at Pine Manor College. The RA serves as a peer advisor, resource, role model, advocate, authority figure, programmer, administrative assistant, and group leader of 20-30 residents of that residence hall. The RA also assists with daily and emergency coverage, planning social and educational programs, assisting new students, and administrative tasks associated with the operation of the Community and Residence Life program. There are no established hours per week the RA is required to work, but expect to spend approximately 30 hours per week involved with the position.

Click here to apply to be an RA.

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