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Campus Compact Review Board

Judicial hearing board of the BAC

The Campus Compact Review Board (CCRB) is the judicial hearing board of the BAC. Violations of the Campus Compact, whether academic or community/socially based, are reviewed by the CCRB. First time violations are often handled directly by the dean or assistant dean of students. The dean meets with those involved to review the Campus Compact and, where appropriate, a signed copy of the Campus Compact will be placed in the student file with a copy for the student's reference. Subsequent violations are typically reviewed by the CCRB. On occasion, based on severity, first time offences may also be referred to the CCRB for a hearing.

The CCRB is comprised of the four school deans, the dean of students, and the dean of graduate studies. The Board is chaired by the assistant dean of students. Depending on the details of any specific violation, other constituents may also be invited to CCRB hearings. This can include, but is not limited to, instructors, education directors, other BAC staff, and students involved in a specific case.

When the CCRB convenes, the student is invited to share his/her accounts of the violation, or if unable to attend, s/he can submit a document to be reviewed. Other community members involved in a violation may also submit documents to be reviewed if they are unable to attend. At the conclusion of CCRB hearings, sanctions will be determined and sent to the provost as recommendations. Sanctions vary with each violation, but as stated in the Campus Compact, can be "appropriate action... up to and including expulsion" in the most severe case. The provost will issue a letter to the student detailing the final outcome.

For more details regarding the Campus Compact and academic integrity, please refer to the BAC Catalog.