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Grievance & Violations Procedures

Students may bring grievances to the attention of any academic advisor, administrator, coordinator, or director, who will notify the Associate Provost/Dean of Students. The student will be informed of grievance procedures, as well as the degree to which confidentiality may be maintained. The student will be kept informed of the proceedings and given an approximate schedule for investigation and resolution. Faculty members should refer to the Faculty Handbook and administrative staff should refer to the Personnel Policies Handbook.

Every grievance is investigated. Should the administration find probable cause that a violation involving a student has occurred, the Dean of Students will initiate disciplinary proceedings by convening a committee comprising the Coordinator of the Appeals Committee, the Director of Advising, and one or two additional appointees. If personnel are involved, one appointee will be the Vice President for Finance and Administration, and if faculty are involved, one appointee will be the Vice President for Educational Initiatives. The committee will review the case and may elect to request a written response from the person(s) concerned. The committee also may schedule a hearing. In such case, the person against whom the charge has been made may identify witnesses to be called, and although s/he may wish to consult with counsel prior to the hearing, counsel will not be allowed to be present at the hearing.

Pursuant to the hearing, the committee will dismiss the case or recommend disciplinary action that may include, but is not limited to, suspension, expulsion, or referral for prosecution. In the case of violation of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy, the committee also may require the completion of a rehabilitation program as a prerequisite for admission to a degree program, re-employment, or continued membership or participation as a volunteer.