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Continuing Education Students

Continuing Education in the Registrar's Office assists non-degree and certificate students with course registration and certificate enrollment. Students may find the following information for Continuing Education on this page:


Course Registration

Continuing Education students may register for courses online or by submitting a CE Course Registration Form. Registration for Continuing Education students takes place during the published registration period on the Academic Calendar.

Register Online

Students are encouraged to register online for Continuing Education courses via the Self-Service online registration portal. All returning students should have login information. Questions regarding login credentials may be directed to the BAC's Help Desk at or 617.585.0191. New students should create an account within the portal.

Self-Service Guides:

Please note that select courses carry pre-requisite requirements. Only those students that have met the pre-requisite requirement or have obtained permission from the BAC, may enroll in a course without meeting the pre-requisite requirement. Payment in full is due at the time of registration.

Submit a Course Registration Form

In addition to online registration, students may also submit a CE Course Registration Form to Continuing Education via email to or in-person. Our office is located in the Student Services Suite (basement level accessed by elevator only) at 951 Boylston Street, Boston.

Registration Policy Information

BAC Academic Policies

All students at the BAC are subject to the policies and procedures of the institution. A complete listing of policies and procedures can be found in the The Boston Architectural College 2018–2019 Catalog.

Auditing a Course

Some courses are available to take as a non-credit course at a reduced tuition rate. Students who choose the non-credit option may not combine the audit pricing with any other discount. Audit students are considered to be observers to the course; they are welcome to participate, but acceptance of coursework is at the instructor's discretion. Grades are not issued for audit courses. To audit a course, a student will need to submit the CE Course Registration Form

Course Wait List

Wait list seats are available for all courses. To be placed on a wait list for a closed course, contact and include your name, phone number, and the course name and number. Students will be contacted in order of registration once seats become available.

Course Cancellation Policies

The BAC reserves the right to cancel courses at any time. If a course is canceled, registered students will be notified via email. Students may choose to transfer their tuition to a substitute course, or to be issued a full refund for the cancelled course's tuition.

Dropping a Course and Course Withdrawal

Students wishing to drop or withdraw from a course must do so by submitting the CE Add/Drop Request form or the CE Course Withdrawal form to Continuing Education by the published deadlines on the Academic Calendar. Non-attendance in a course does not constitute a withdrawal or course drop. See the Refund Policy Information below.

Transfer Credit

Transferring credit into a certificate program is limited and handled on a case-by-case basis. Students may transfer up to 6 credits from BAC Continuing Education into a degree program. Transferring BAC CE credit is subject to the BAC Admissions' transfer credit policy and procedures. Additional information can be found on the Transfer to the BAC page.

Tuition and Fees

Full payment of tuition and fees is required at the time of registration. Tuition information is available on the Tuition and Fees page. Payments may be made online using a credit card or an electronic check.

Tuition Discounts

Graduates of BAC degree and certificate programs may take Continuing Education courses at 50% of the current price. Individuals 60 years of age or older receive a discount of 10% on tuition for courses.
Discounts cannot be applied electronically via Self-Service. Students eligible for a tuition discount need to complete and return the CE Course Registration Form.

Employer Reimbursement

The BAC accepts employer reimbursement if the employer issues a purchase order at the time of employee registration expressly stating that "all tuition and fees will be paid unconditionally upon receipt of an invoice from the BAC." Please contact Continuing Education in the Registrar's Office prior to registration.

VA Benefits

The Boston Architectural College is currently approved to authorize veteran benefits for certificate programs. Please contact Brandon Cipoletta, VA Certifying Official, at or 617.585.0128 to determine eligibility. Additional information can be found on the Veterans Educational Benefits page.

Private Loans

Private educational loans are available to assist Continuing Education students with their educational expenses at the BAC. Eligibility for a private loan is based on the borrower's credit rating. In most cases, a co-signer is required. The interest rate and repayment options vary according to the lender.
ELM Select is an online tool which provides information about loan programs most frequently used by our students over the past three years. You can learn about and compare private loan terms from multiple lenders using this tool. Students are not limited to lenders listed in the ELM Select tool; they may borrow from any lender. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at or 617.585.0125 for more information.

Student Health Insurance

Certificate students enrolled in six or more credits are considered full-time status, and will be automatically enrolled in the BAC health insurance (BAC SHIP) unless a waiver is received. Additional information and instructions on submitting a waiver can be found on the Student Health Insurance page.

Refund Policy Information

Refunds are processed upon the submission of the CE Add/Drop Request form, and pro-rated based on when the request is received by the Registrar's office. Courses may be dropped with no financial penalty prior to the start of classes. After the first class, refunds are processed based on the published refund schedule. Only those courses dropped prior to or during the published Add/Drop period are considered eligible for a refund. Courses dropped after the drop period has ended are considered withdrawals. Refunds are not permitted for withdrawals. Refunds are issued within 2-3 weeks, will be issued in the same method as the original payment, and are subject to a $25.00 non-refundable fee.

For specific refund percentages and policies, please visit the "Certificate & Non-Degree Students" section on the Tuition Refund Policies page.

Grade and Transcript Requests

Grades are released approximately two weeks after the close of the academic term via Self-Service. In order to secure student information, grades cannot be released over the phone or email.

Transcripts may be obtained from the Registrar's Office by submitting a Transcript Request Form. Students can request official and unofficial transcripts. (Unofficial transcripts can also be viewed on Self-Service.) Please allow two to three business days for the processing of these requests. Additional time will be required during registration periods and recording of grades. Please note that we do not fax or email transcripts.

Certificate Program Information

The BAC currently offers the following certificate programs:

Certificate Enrollment

To enroll in a BAC Certificate Program, the following application materials are required. Please submit these materials to Continuing Education in the Registrar's Office.

Enrollment Requirements:

  1. Certificate Application Form
  2. $50 Non-refundable Application Fee
    Optional: Official Undergraduate Transcript*
    *An undergraduate degree is recommended for the Sustainable Design Certificate, Real Estate Development Certificate, and Historic Preservation Certificate. These certificate programs are taught at the graduate level.

Certificate students must begin academic coursework in the program within two academic semesters of submitting the enrollment materials. If students do not begin coursework within two academic semesters then they would need to re-enroll by submitting all enrollment materials required at that time.

Certificate Student Reactivation

Certificate students previously enrolled in academic credits at the BAC and wish to return after being away for more than four consecutive semesters are required to reactivate. If a student wishes to re-enter a BAC certificate program after 5 or more consecutive semesters of absence, s/he will have to submit the Certificate Enrollment Form and the $50 enrollment fee. Reactivating students are required to fulfill any curricular changes that have been implemented in their certificate program since their original semester of matriculation. If the certificate the student was pursing is no longer offered at the BAC at the time of reactivation, the student will not be able to continue in that certificate program.

Certificate Completion

Upon the successful completion of a certificate program's requirements, students are awarded a printed certificate and are graduated from the certificate program. Certificates are awarded at the end of each term—fall, spring, and summer. Students will receive notification in their final semester to submit an online Certificate Completion Clearance form.