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Students may access their grades via their Self-Service accounts. Grades will display as soon as they are recorded. Inquiries regarding grades not received or grades in question should be directed to the Registrar. Under no circumstances will grades be released by anyone other than the Registrar. The BAC's grade definitions can be found here.

Course Withdrawal

After the add/drop periods end, students who wish to withdraw from a full-semester course must complete and submit a Course Withdrawal Form, available at the Office of Student Services or on the website, by the end of the eleventh week of class. Students may withdraw from half-semester (generally 8 weeks in length) courses by filing the withdrawal form at the Office of Student Services no later than the end of the fifth week of the half semester in which their course is scheduled. Withdrawal deadline dates are posted on the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawal from a class appears as a "W" on academic transcripts and does not affect grade point average. However, the credits remain on the student's schedule and count toward attempted credits for the term. Students who receive financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office to assess the consequences of withdrawing from a course. International students must speak with the Designated School Official/ International Advisor prior to withdrawing from a course.

Note: Failure to attend a course does not result in the course being dropped automatically from the enrollment record. Failure to officially drop or withdraw from a course will result in a failing grade of "RF" (Repeat/Fail) or "NF" (Failure due to non-attendance).

Course Incompletes

A grade of "Incomplete" (I) may be granted upon presentation by the student, to the instructor of acceptable evidence of extenuating circumstances that prevent the completion of the course requirements within the assigned time. The grade of "I" must be submitted by the grading deadline for the semester in which the course has run. Once a final letter grade is submitted including an "RF" (Repeat/Fail), the grade cannot be changed to an "I". The instructor may grant the extension for of up to seven (7) weeks beyond the end date of the course. It is the instructor's right to determine whether an "Incomplete" is warranted and when the work must be finished within the maximum allowable time (seven weeks). After seven weeks have passed, if the Incomplete is not resolved through the awarding of a grade for the course, the "I" will automatically revert to an "RF" on the student's transcript. Once a grade is entered that replaces the incomplete, including an "RF" (Repeat/Fail). it cannot be changed. Extending the incomplete beyond the 7-week deadline is possible as outlined by the Extended Incomplete Policy and must be filed by the end of the 7-week Incomplete Deadline.

In order for a student to be given the grade of "Incomplete" (I), they must petition the instructor. The student will need to complete and sign the Incomplete Grade Contract and meet with their instructor. If the instructor agrees to the request for an incomplete, they will sign the incomplete grade contract as well. Once the contract is signed by both the student and instructor, it should be submitted to the Registrar who will enter the grade of Incomplete. If the Registrar does not receive a completed form by the final grade deadline, the student will not be eligible to receive an incomplete.

Contract for Extension of Course Incomplete Grade

Requests for extensions beyond the seven-week Incomplete period may be made only for extremely serious extenuating circumstances, usually related to health or family issues, and by permission of the instructor and the supervising Educational Director or Dean of School. The approved request must be submitted to the Registrar's Office prior to the end of the 7 week Incomplete Period. A student must submit documentation supporting her/his request. This form serves to document support from the instructor, as well as from the relevant Educational Director or Dean of School.

A contract for course completion (available in the Registrar's Office) must be filed with the Registrar, along with the supporting documentation stated above. The contract must be signed by the student, instructor and the supervising Educational Director or Dean of School. This contract must be received by the Registrar's Office prior to the end of the 7 week Incomplete Period. Course extension contracts may only run through the end of the semester following the one in which the course was offered (not including summer).

Once an extended deadline is established, if the grade continues to remain unresolved past that deadline, an RF will be recorded on the student's transcript and will be factored into the GPA and/or studio GPA accordingly.

Grade Change

Grades may be assigned or changed only by the instructors, except in extraordinary cases (See the Grade Appeal Policy) when the appropriate School Dean may intervene. Grade changes may only be made for revaluation of completed work and must be submitted to the Registrar's office by the end of the following semester. Students may not submit new work in order to receive a grade change unless the student has received the grade of Incomplete and it is within the incomplete period (see the Course Incomplete Policy). If a student is requesting a grade change beyond the one semester deadline, they must petition the Appeals Committee for permission to have the change initiated.

Grade Appeal

A student may appeal a grade s/he believes was awarded unfairly. A student should first contact the instructor to clarify his or her reasons for awarding the grade. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved, the student may contact the appropriate academic program director, who will review the student's complaint in order to ascertain the merits of the complaint.

In cases where a director ascertains that the appeal has merit, the director will meet with the instructor to allow him/ her to review his/her grade. In unresolved cases, directors may also review the student's work him/herself and award a new grade.

In unusual circumstances, the student may request that the Provost review the director's decision. The Provost will only review the director's decision if the student feels that the director did not follow the appeals process properly or that the director's decision was based on personal bias. The original appeal should not be submitted; instead, a new appeal, outlining the reasons for the super appeal - consistent with these stated guidelines - should be submitted to the Provost within ten business days of the director's notification to the student. The Provost will investigate the super appeal and may request a meeting with the student. She will then issue a final decision, which cannot be further appealed, within ten business days of the conclusion of her investigation.

Grades may be challenged only through the end of the semester following the one in which the disputed grade was earned. This deadline may be extended only by permission of the Appeals Committee.

Pass/Fail Option Guidelines

A student may request a pass/fail option for "extra" courses not required for graduation. All electives except designated CBE courses required for graduation must be taken on a graded basis. Degree students are not permitted to audit classes. A pass/fail option for degree required courses are those courses offered through Competency Based Education (CBE) only. Those courses are set as pass/fail. 

Competency Based Education (CBE) Courses: CBE courses are taken as a Pass/No Credit course. For CBE courses only, a passing grade is defined as 80%.

By the end of the add/drop period, interested students must fill out a Pass/Fail Option Form, have it signed by an advisor and the course instructor, and return it to the Registrar. Forms can be obtained from the Registrar's Office. No changes either to or from pass/fail grading status will be allowed after the add/drop deadline. Pass/fail courses are charged on a regular tuition basis and appear on a student's transcript.

Click here for Pass/Fail Grading Policy for Spring and Summer 2020.

Repetition of Courses

A student may repeat any course in which s/he has received a grade of "RF" or "NF". Upon passing the course, the original grade will convert to "NC" and the new grade will be used in computing the student's GPA. However if a course is re-taken more than once, only one of the failing grades may be replaced with the "NC" grade. Therefore one or more failing marks will remain on the transcript.

Note: Not all courses are offered every semester; therefore, it may not be possible to repeat a given course the following semester. Grade changes will occur automatically when the same course is retaken (e.g. an "RF" in Physics will be replaced by the new Physics grade after all grades from all faculty for a given term have been received). However if a student desires a grade replacement by a different course that is within the same discipline (e.g. replacing an RF in AutoCAD II/3D with a passing grade in SketchUp I/3D), s/he must initiate this change by bringing it to the attention of the Academic Advising or Registrar departments.