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Giving Priorities

Support Learning at the BAC

How to Give



Boston Architectural College
Office of Institutional Advancement
320 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115

The BAC Fund
Unrestricted support to the BAC provides essential resources for the College's current operational expenses. While we are a tuition-driven organization, student tuition only provides a portion of the funds needed to run the BAC in the 21st Century. Gifts to the BAC Fund provide immediate support for our students and faculty.

The BAC provides excellence in design education grounded in practice and accessible and affordable to diverse communities. However, each semester our students still struggle to finance their tuition. Scholarships enable our students to afford their education, which increases retention and improves graduation rates. Studying at the BAC is a significant investment in a student's future in the design industry and your philanthropic investment will impact future generations of emerging design professionals. Our mission is to assist students in finding the financial resources most appropriate to their circumstances to enable enrollment at the Boston Architectural College. Scholarships reward those most deserving and those most in need of support. Donors often choose scholarships as a way to establish a meaningful legacy, one that will endure and touch the lives of many. Here are just a few examples of scholarships that have been established at the BAC. You can start a new fund by contacting Evan Gallivan, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, or donate to one of our existing scholarship funds.

Faculty Development
Since its beginnings in the 1880's, the Boston Architectural College has formulated design education as an endeavor led by design professionals. The BAC is committed to investing in our faculty by offering programs to strengthen teaching, presentation and management skills.

Capital Improvements
A 125 year-old college consistently needs to improve upon its capital infrastructure. Funds to maintain and enhance our campus' facilities for teaching and learning in the 21st century are essential for the College's future.

Gateway Project Funds & Fellowships
These funds provide critical instructional support and fellowship grants for students in the College's Gateway to Practice Initiative; a program which provides pro bono design services to non-profits and municipal agencies throughout the greater Boston area. Since the program's inception in 2008, Gateway has served over 68 non-profits in 93 different projects, with opportunities for over 1140 BAC students.

As a cutting-edge design education institution in the 21st century, there is a constant growing demand for new technological resources to prepare our students as emerging practitioners. From new software to 3-D printers, the need for funding to provide our students with evolving technologies is one of our greatest priorities at the College.

Travel Grants
Global education at the BAC means graduating 21st century design practitioners who can, and will, work and succeed everywhere in the world. Our students seek travel grants to fund invaluable opportunities to travel and study architecture and design in cities across the world.