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COVID19 Resources for the BAC Community

The BAC continues to monitor the development of COVID-19. Check here for more BAC updated information and messages.

The BAC Public Health Environment Risk Levels

For the Fall of 2020, the BAC is at Risk Level 2.

Click here for more information.

More COVID19 Related Resources


The library has renewed everyone's books to be due at the end of the semester. Students won't need to return them until May. The library have also susended fines and forgave all fines accrued this semester.

Library questions, research help? We are standing by and encourage you to email us today.

eBook Academic Collection (Available through June 15th)
Multidisciplinary collection includes thousands of e-books covering a large selection of academic subjects such as technology and engineering, education, literary criticism, and environmental technology.

A&AePortal (Available through June 14th)
Over 180 scholarly full-text eBooks on the topics of art history, architectural history, and architectural landscape history.

Art Full Text
High percentage of full text journal articles covering archaeology, architecture, landscape architecture, fine arts, art history, and humanities topics.

Contains over 1,000 leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs.

High resolution images of architecture, floor plans, sections, elevations, interior architecture, paintings, sculpture, and landscape architecture within the BAC collections.

Video streaming service for documentaries, international, and classic iconic films.

US Major Dailies
High percentage of full text newspaper articles from The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and the Wall Street Journal.

The BAC continues to modify operations in order to limit onsite work but continue to offer services through a combination of in-person/online/via phone. The BAC considers telecommuting to be a viable, flexible work option during this difficult time and when both the employee and the job are suited to such an arrangement. 


As a participant in our Boston Architectural College 403B Plan we want to make you aware of the options available to you as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.
Click here to learn more about how its provisions affect retirement plans. 
Click here to view Quarterly and Final Report.

Work Life Harmony

Now more than ever, learning the art of work-life balance is critical to our health and well-being. We recognize this is a difficult time for everybody, so we strongly encourage you to take advantage of these resources to maintain a work-life balance:

BAC Faculty

We are committed to ensuring a great online teaching experience for all our faculty and ask that you please refer back to this page for updated information and resources. If you have questions not covered in these resources for faculty and staff, please reach out to Jade Hopkins.

Looking for ways to help but not sure how? Here are some volunteer opportunities around the Greater Boston community. 

  • Boston's Office of Veterans' Services

Mayor Walsh is asking for people to become pen pals with a vulnerable veteran population. You can sign up here.

  • Reaching out to District 2 Senior Citizens

City Councilor Flynn is also inviting those in District 2 - where the BAC is located, to volunteer to make calls to seniors in the community who are growing increasingly isolated. You can sign up here. 

  • Feed The Frontline

Eager to help those on the frontlines? Our Gala food and beverage partner Johnny's Takeaway is helping feed the healthcare workers on the frontlines with their "Feed The Frontline Packages"! You pay for the meals and Johnny Takeaway will deliver them. Learn more on their Facebook page (and don't forget to check out this week's updated takeout menu, too!). You can order here. 

  • Donate your time to help small businesses

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce is asking you to donate your time to help small businesses! Please support if you have skills in any of the following areas: 1) Legal; 2) Financial Strategy & Accounting; 3) Human Resources; 4) Marketing & Communications. Get involved and help small businesses here! Contact to be matched with a small business in need of your help!

As Governor Baker recommends, please limit personal travel-both internationally and domestically. All BAC funded, non-essential travel has been cancelled until further notice.

If you plan to travel either internationally or domestically, please be aware of the travel restrictions and advisories in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We ask students travelling internationally contact, so we are prepared to assist you if needed.

Stay Informed

Since information may change quickly, we encourage you to:

If you have additional questions, contact your health care provider directly. BAC students may also find resources through our Student Assistance Program.

Email for additional information regarding the BAC's response, or, if you need to contact the BAC regarding COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need software, how can I get it?

Almost all the software in the labs is available to students, faculty, and staff for FREE (for educational use) or as a Full Trial (capable of saving files). This includes Rhino, ALL AutoDesk Software, and more.
See this list for software available for free and educational use. (updated frequently)

2. I need Revit/AutoCAD or other AutoDesk Software, is it available?

You can get almost all AutoDesk products FOR FREE. Use your BAC Email address and sign up here

    • Click the “Free Software” tab.
    • Select a software you want for free.
    • Click the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.
    • Follow the prompts to enter the requested information.

3. I saw Adobe is free for students through May, how do I access it?

Adobe Creative Cloud is now FREE for all BAC Students and Faculty through May 31.

4. I need to use Revit but have a Mac, suggestions?

Revit is not available for MacOS. If you can set up BootCamp (Free!) or Parallels (14-day Free Trial) to run Windows, that is our best recommendation we have at this time.

Parallels is more flexible - you can use MacOS and Windows simultaneously and copy between the two. BootCamp is more robust - and provides more resources to Windows, and Windows applications (such as Revit) will run better.

5. My computer is too old, what can I do?

First, please try anyway, you may be surprised. 

Tips to help new software run better on older computers:

    • Run ONE application at a time (Do not use YouTube, rendering in the background, Spotify or any other program.)
    • HIDE or TURN OFF unnecessary/reference/entourage/context layers in Rhino, AutoCAD, Photoshop, and turn them on when absolutely needed.

6. I have no computing device, what can I do? 

Contact your instructor, Rich Griswold (Dean of Students), and and let him know your needs. He will help you review all the options and work with IT to find a solution.

1. When will we have access to campus?
After the crisis has ended, likely after the semester is over.

2. How will we get our stipends?
Direct deposit for those that have it set up. We're still working on it for those who don't.

3.Will part time workers get paid if we have to stay home? Yes.

4.Will Practice Assessments need to occur remotely? Yes.

5. Building hours?
The BAC campus will remain open only to essential full and part-time employees.