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McCormick Gallery

McCormick Gallery exhibits a range of design work that speaks to broad themes of design, architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, sustainability, historic preservation, and technology, and to the BAC’s values of social responsibility, accessibility, and diversity.

All exhibitions are free and open to the public so that the entire community can join together for public opening receptions and exhibition related lectures. Come visit us soon!

The BAC: 130 Years of Design, Architecture, and Education

December 11, 2019

In 1889, a conversation began about design, the built environment, and education. Starting as a 'Club,' reorganized as a 'Center,' and transformed into a 'College,' today's Boston Architectural College (BAC) continues an illustrious history of educating designers and architects who have changed Boston and the larger world.
Since its founding, the BAC has made design education accessible and inclusive. This exhibition, The BAC: 130 Years of Design, Architecture, and Education, displays artifacts from the institution's beginning through its present. It also holds the work of its longest-serving dean, Arcangelo Cascieri, who volunteered for more than forty years, and oversaw the BAC's transformation from a Beaux-Arts design educational model to one emerging from the Bauhaus and connected to professional practice.
Holding true to its mission, the BAC has embraced a culture of applied learning and exploration - making contributions to the design professions and the greater society. This exhibition celebrates the history of the BAC's development as an evolving organization in relation to larger world events. This exhibit also highlights the BAC's teaching and pedagogical evolution through selected works of students and Dean Arcangelo Cascieri. This exhibit attests to how our conversation continues.
This exhibit is generously supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council for the Arts as well as individual donors including Richard Griswold, Janet Roche, James Vaseff and The Georgia Power Foundation, Architosh, and [RE]Architect.

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All exhibitions are free and open to the public.