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Event Rentals at the BAC

The Boston Architectural College (BAC) offers short-term space rentals and usage for both internal BAC groups and external groups for meetings, community events, and more. Learn more about the additional rules and regulations for space rental.

Non-BAC Groups: Inquire about Space Rental

The BAC is available to rent many different rooms, classrooms, and meeting spaces, depending on the size and nature of your event and room availability. Please submit all inquiries (including date, time, and estimated attendees for your event) to the Operations Department at

BAC Groups: Inquire about Space Usage

Employees wishing to secure space for BAC meetings and functions must submit a request through Please allow advance notice for all requests in order to book a room and to schedule a setup, as well as any additional requests. 

Rental/Use of BAC Facilities

  1. The scheduled event must be within normal BAC operational hours. These hours vary during the year based on the institutional/academic year calendar please see our building hours listing on our website
  2. Any use of BAC buildings beyond normal BAC operational hours, that is, an earlier start, or later ending, of the event shall require permission to extend the hours and the group will cover the cost for additional security hours. Cost amount to be included in the facility rental/use agreement. A current staff member is also required to be a contact for the agreed upon event.
  3. A Facilities Rental/Usage setup form must be filled out for the facility crew and media service needs and at least two weeks prior to the event.
  4. External Groups are required to sign a Hold Harmless or an Indemnity Agreement indemnifying the BAC from liability resulting from loss or injury. (Please see included contract for external groups.)
  5. Please be advised that any promotional or media advertisements must be approved by the Marketing and Communications department: communications@the-
  6. Due to our non-profit status, groups cannot charge attendees for an event they are hosting on campus. They cannot sell tables to vendors at an event they plan to host. Donations may be accepted but fees cannot be charged.
  7. Please be advised, we do not offer or supply refreshments or food services on our campus. If you are planning to offer these at your event, feel free to work with a caterer to drop off and/or serve food for your event.
  8. The sale or serving of alcohol beverages is prohibited, except at organized and approved functions that are sanctioned by the BAC 's President 's Cabinet. This request must be made aside from the request for the use of space. The distribution or consumption of alcohol at the BAC is subject to strict regulations in compliance with state and federal laws. The use of other drugs or controlled substances is prohibited. Both external groups and internal BAC staff hosting an event where alcohol is served, are required to have “TIPS” certified bartenders (TIPS-Training for Intervention Procedures by Servers of alcohol) and must provide the Administrative Operations Department,, with a copy of their current, active “TIPS” certification card.
    1. Alcoholic beverages may not be taken from an area in which an event/service is approved for the distribution and or consumption of alcoholic beverages to an area that is not so approved.
    2. Any event during which alcohol is served, nonalcoholic beverages and food must also be available.
    3. Events at the BAC at which alcoholic beverages are to be served must not be advertised in such a way as to place emphasis on alcohol.
    4. If the group is serving alcoholic beverages, only wine and beer may be served.
  9. External groups are required to provide and maintain at its expense Liquor Liability Insurance. Such insurance shall have a limit of liability of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence. The Liquor Liability Insurance shall be maintained for the period of the facilities rental/use agreement. The group shall provide the BAC with a Certificate of Insurance covering the rental/use agreement period and naming the BAC as an additional insured party. Please also note that all Bartenders are required to be “TIPS” certified. The contracts, “TIPS” certification and COI must be received three.
  10. The applicant or organization using the facilities shall be responsible for any loss of equipment, breakage or damage to equipment and physical property.
  11. The group is permitted within the assigned area(s) only, with the exception of common areas such as restrooms, corridors, etc. Use of any other public areas will be covered in the rental/use agreement contract.
  12. The group must identify a leader who shall be responsible for ensuring all polices and guidelines are adhered to.
  1. In case of an emergency, please dial 911.
    Please then notify our security officer on duty immediately of the situation or call the Security telephone number at 617.585.0200 or 857.248.0284.
  2. There is no parking available on BAC premises.
  3. Trash and litter is to be removed from tables, chairs, etc., and placed in the receptacles provided.
  4. BAC is not responsible for any items delivered prior to the meeting or any items left behind after the meeting.
Need More Information?

Please contact the Operations Department at: