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Ian Taberner
Ian F. Taberner AIA
Director of Masters' Thesis

Ian F. Taberner AIA has a Master in Design Studies from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the Pratt Institute. He is the Director of Master's Thesis at the BAC.

Ian believes we teach because we are still eager to know. Ideally he views his role as a professor as one who is a constantly maturing student. The greatest offering a teacher may make available to their students is the example of their own work - the drawings, the models, the unrealized projects with the constructed works.

Ian believes we build because our ideas need the support of matter. Within our built works one can see the essence of the project; the consistency of ideas. As architects, we must maintain the long standing tradition of taking responsibility and an active role in the education of the next generation of architects. Teaching architecture is about a shared discovery. Practicing architecture is about clarity. We are responsible for the regenerative possibilities teaching can offer bringing to our school an acceptance of the experience of the profession - a continuance necessary for the survival of our art and practice.

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