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Jay Philomena
Trustee Emeritus

Jay Philomena previously was the head of his own practice and has since retired. In the past, he has served as principal, director of interior design, and led the practices for several national and international design firms including GHK, KlingStubbins, and Burt Hill, where he was responsible for leading design and the staff and spearheading business development efforts. He has developed corporate environments in conjunction with real estate departments, leasing agents, and major developers.

Through his efforts, Jay has earned a reputation for fairness and dedicated client advocacy, and is acknowledged as one of the leaders in design and change management in Greater Boston. Jay's work has been published in Interior Design, Managing Office Technology, Facilities Design and Management, Design Times, Perspective (IIDA), Boston Real Estate Journal, and New England Real Estate Journal.

Jay served as a member of the Board of Trustees from 2008 to 2018, and served previously as an overseer. He was an active member of the Nominations Committee.