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Juli Riemenschneider
Juli Riemenschneider
Adjunct Faculty

Juli is Senior Landscape Architect at Green International where she integrates landscape-based solutions into transportation, building, recreational and ecological restoration projects. She recently completed two projects that received recognition for integrating sustainable practices in a manner that enhances educational and recreational facilities. Yentile Farm Recreational Faculty received the 2017 Sustainability Award from the BSCE and a Silver Award from the Massachusetts Chapter of the ACEC. Belle Isle Marsh Marine Ecological Park also received a Silver Award Massachusetts Chapter of the ACEC. Prior to her work at Green, she was a Senior Associate at Pat Loheed/Landscape Architect, a Landscape Architect/Environmental Planner for the City of Salem and a designer at several Boston Landscape Architecture firms.

Juli has a Certificate in Design Education from the Boston Architectural College and has been an instructor since 2007. Her belief that education, communication and public engagement are essential to solving social and environmental problems has led her to apply her professional knowledge to teaching and volunteering in her community. In the studio she helps students develop both the ability to generate informed inventive solutions and the tools and confidence to use them to design built environments.

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