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Marc Pelletier
Business and Marketing Professional

Marc Pelletier is a business development and marketing professional in the built environment marketplace. He has committed himself to advancing the BAC's mission and providing leadership and support to the college wherever needed. Service on several committees reflects his commitment to the success of the college, particularly in governance and fundraising. He held a major role on the Institutional Advancement Committee and served as co-chair. Marc has also assisted in the Annual Retreat for the past few years, and served on several task groups from 2009-2011 that helped develop the new Strategic Plan for 2012-2017. He was a longtime member of the Nominations Committee, and also served on the Governance Task Group, which crafted the new set of BAC By-laws adopted by the Overseers on February 24, 2012.

Since 1968, Marc Pelletier has developed a multi-faceted career that has always been centered on design. He first worked as an apprentice to a builder on Martha's Vineyard, who was a designer, painter and sculptor and who taught Marc to always focus on detail, light and shadow, and especially craft. Several years later, Marc discovered the BAC. He wanted to learn how to be a better builder, not necessarily to become an architect.

For several years, Marc studied at the BAC and worked in a number of architectural firms in Boston. While an associate at a Boston firm, an opportunity presented itself to manage construction of an office park in suburban Boston; this led to Marc's decision to pursue a new yet related career closely allied with architecture. For several years, Marc worked in program and project management and made the transition to marketing and business development, representing and advising design and construction clients.

As a member of the community, Marc has participated in a number of business organizations in various roles. He is affiliated with SMPS (Society of Marketing Professionals), where he served as co-chair of the Programs Committee, Treasurer, Vice President, President, and co-chair of the 2005 Northeast Regional Conference. He continues to participate in the Society on a national level, serving as a juror and team leader in design competitions. From 2005-2007, Marc was Charter Director of the PWC (Professional Women in Construction/CT Chapter). His affiliation with the Construction Institute (Connecticut) included his service as Co-chair of the 2001 Facilities Expo and Conference. Marc has supported SCUP (Society for College and University Planning) and was a North Atlantic corporate member of the SCUP Culture Task Force from 2003-2005. Marc has been a member of the Boston Society of Architects, and has made presentations at Build Boston and SMPS Education Series.