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Tania Aguilar
Tania Aguilar

Tania Aguilar, MDS-DHH'22, graduated from Boston Architectural College with a Master of Architecture degree in 2022. Her thesis project was nominated for commends through her capstone work and she graduated with distinction. She is currently a Project Designer at RGA Office of Architectural Design in Irvine, CA.

With a background in interior architecture, she has worked in different project typologies - from commercial and industrial, to residential, educational, and retail. She is currently pursuing her architectural licensure in California and will continue expanding her passion for architecture.

“Architecture is a magical way to express myself, it is a combination of emotional and technical work that serves as a problem solver for big world issues or as an enhancement for people’s lives. I don’t see myself doing something different, I found an ever-evolving passion in architecture.” - Tania Aguilar