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Satisfactory Educational Progress

BAC students in all degree programs are required to make Satisfactory Educational Progress toward their degree completion. The exact terms are defined by your degree program requirements, but the below processes identify and track students who demonstrate the need for assistance in moving through their programs.

What is the Process for Checking Satisfactory Educational Progress?

Satisfactory Educational Progress is checked at the end of every semester. Academic Advising will issue letters informing students who are not in good standing. Educational sanctions and registration limits can be imposed on students not making sufficient educational progress. A permanent note of probation status is recorded in the student's Academic Advising file. Students who are on probation are not permitted to submit for Portfolio Reviews (with the exception of the Foundation Portfolio Review), enter Thesis or Degree Project, or advance to graduation.

Foundation Advisory

You may demonstrate the need to establish better learning processes in your academic work.

  • Onsite students who have completed their first semester at the BAC and whose grade point average (GPA) falls below the minimum required for their program (see below) without failing a course, will be:
    1. Notified of their identification on an Advisory list
    2. Expected to attend a meeting with either their Academic Advisor or with the Dean of School in which they are enrolled.
  • Please note that following the completion of subsequent semesters, if you fall below the minimum grade point average even if you have not failed a course you will be placed on academic probation.

Minimum GPAs for Academic Probation

All students must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and specific programs require a minimum cumulative Studio GPA (SGPA), as follows:

B.Arch, BS Arch, BIA, and BLA:

2.5 GPA and 2.5 SGPA


2.3 GPA*

M.Arch, MIA, and MLA:

2.7 GPA and 2.7 SGPA


2.7 GPA

If either of your GPAs falls below the minimum program requirement, you will be placed on academic probation (from the second semester of Foundation forward) and be required to sign a probation contract.

You must also successfully complete each course at a satisfactory rate. If you withdraw and/or fail the same course two or more times, you will be placed on academic probation. You will be required to sign a probation contract and may also be required to meet with her/his program Dean of School before being permitted to attempt that course again.

*BDS students who entered prior to Fall 2017, and who have not transferred into one of the Fall 2017 BDS curriculums, must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.5 major/concentration GPA.

Learn more about next steps in the Academic Probation Policy.