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Jonathan Cave
Jonathan Cave
Adjunct Faculty

Jonathan Cave is a landscape architect at the Boston based design firm Halvorson, a Tighe and Bond studio and an adjunct faculty member for the School of Landscape Architecture. He currently teaches a computational design course titled Parametric Landscapes which focuses on modeling and analysis through the 3D modeling software Rhinoceros and its visual coding plugin Grasshopper.

Jonathan’s professional work has spanned a range of scales and project types from small pavilions to public parks and city plazas. Prior to joining Halvorson, he was at Bishop Land Design (BLD) where he was the project manager for Kincaide Park, a five-acre public park in Quincy, MA and a senior designer for the first phase of the Fargo Civic Plaza, the Sodbuster Landscape. Before BLD he worked as an analyst and designer for the sustainability and resiliency consulting firm Linnean Solutions.

Jonathan received his Masters of Landscape Architecture from the BAC in 2017. His research for his thesis project “Palliative Landscapes” was presented at the Visual Resource Stewardship conference at the Argonne National Laboratory, and it led to the development of a series of academic publications on hydrologic modeling of coastal erosion and on design and analysis methodologies for the landscape architecture profession.