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Sara Bourque
Sara Bourque
Adjunct Faculty

Sara began her professional career in the field of residential and commercial interior architecture and added a Master of Architecture from The Boston Architectural College to her qualifications. She is a Partner in the firm David F. Jaquith, AIA Architects & Planners working on collaborations for residential and commercial-scale landscapes. Her work focuses on medium-sized urban projects, including affordable housing in the communities of Salem and Beverly, Massachusetts.

Sara also founded her own firm, Marshwind Landscape Design, where she concentrates on residential landscapes. As an avid horticulturist with numerous years of nursery and greenhouse experiences, she uses her own gardens as living laboratories to experiment with the layering of colors and textures that enrich her design concepts.

In addition to her varied practice experiences, Sara has a keen interest in urban landscapes and innovative design solutions for the urban realm. Through the lens of city planning and sustainable design, Sara likes to explore urban environments around the world and readily shares her travel experiences and discoveries with her students.

Sara co-teaches design studios and serves as the CityLab coordinator at The Boston Architectural College since 2014. She is also engaged as a practice examiner for the Landscape Students in the Practice Department.

Sara is the recipient of the Boston Architectural College 2019 Selfless Labor Alumni Award. She is a certified Massachusetts Arborist and continues to work towards her registration as a landscape Architect.