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Reactivation for Former BAC Students

Welcome back! If you are a former Boston Architectural College student who has been away from your degree program for more than five consecutive semesters, we make your reactivation process quick and easy. Learn more below!

If you are a former student who has been away for less than five semesters, then visit the Registrar to re-enroll.

How Do I Reactivate My Acceptance?

Step #1: Fill out the Application for Admission, although the supporting documents are not required. There is a $150 reactivation fee, but you do not pay the $50 application fee.

Step #2: Send us your updated resume, as well as any transcripts from colleges you may have attended while you were away from the BAC.

Step #3: We will contact you about your placement in the program!

Reactivation after Probation

Consistent with BAC policies, students who leave their programs of study while they are on probation will continue their probationary status and requirements upon re-enrollment. If a student is seeking to re-enroll and their prior grades indicate poor performance, a Contract for Educational Progress will be created through a process of meetings between the student, her/his advisor, and her/his dean or program director. Only courses in which students have earned a "C" or better will be counted toward degree completion.

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