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Credit Model

The Boston Architectural College gives students in degree programs (excluding per-credit programs) the option to choose the right number of credits each semester to fit their work schedules and family lives. You can choose from two different credit models, at two different tuition rates.

How Many Credits Do I Take?

Depending on your program, your curriculum is divided into semesters that each have a unique list of required courses/credits. We recognize that not all students will be able to devote the time required to complete the number of credits as listed, due to obligations outside of the BAC. Therefore, you can choose from a 6-11.5 or a 12+ credit model, depending on what suits your schedule.

Check out your program’s curriculum to see your required courses and credits.

Which Credit Model is Right for Me?

  • 12+ Credit Model: Advised for students who have obligations of fewer than 20 hours per week outside the BAC (such as a job, caring for a child or family member, military service, etc.). This means taking 4 or more courses in a given semester.
  • 6-11.5 Credit Model: Advised for students that have obligations of more than 20 hours per week outside the BAC. This typically is 2 or 3 courses but can vary.

Can I Change My Credit Model?

You are able to change which credit model you wish to enroll in each semester, based on availability. You should discuss courses with your Academic Advisor to assist you in selecting the model that is best for them.