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Grading Ramp

To assist undergraduate students who are new to the BAC with the transition to design school, we offer the BAC Grading Ramp – a program that allows you to adjust to campus life, cultivate your creativity, and focus on learning.

You will receive Pass/No Record grades for classes in the Fall and shift to A, B, C, D, or No Record grades in the Spring. 

Please Note: Students in the grading ramp cohort are expected to attend, participate in, and submit work alongside their peers in all enrolled courses.

Fall Semester

  • If you are enrolled in a majority of credits from the following courses, you are included in the grading ramp:
  • All courses you are enrolled in - including those that are not included in the list above - will be graded using P/NR.
  • A grade of ‘NR’ means ‘No Record’; any class that you do not pass will not be recorded on your transcript and is nonpunitive. You will, however, need to take the class again to fulfill your curricular requirements.
  • Students may see all final grades, including P/NR via the grade report feature in self-service.
  • Faculty will critique and provide feedback in the same manner to both students in the grading ramp cohort and those not.
  • Courses that receive a NR Grade will count towards attempted credit but not earned.
  • P(Passing) grade indicates a D or better.
  • You will not receive a GPA for semester 1.

Spring Semester

  • If you are enrolled in the grading ramp in Fall, ramp grading continues in Spring. Continuing does not depend on your class schedule.
  • Students who are part of the fall grading ramp cohort will be graded on an A, B, C, D, or NR basis and have a GPA calculated at the end of the semester.
  • Courses with a grade of A, B, C, or D will appear on your transcript.
  • NR grades will continue to be hidden from the transcript, count towards attempted credit, and not calculated in the second semester GPA.
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