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MBTA T-Pass Discounts

The MBTA is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get around Boston. The BAC offers discounted MBTA T-Passes to current students so you can save 11% off the MBTA's monthly fare prices. The MBTA also offers several other options for those who do not require a monthly T-Pass.

Do I Need a T-Pass?

To decide if you need a T-Pass, decide how often you intend to travel on the T. If you'll ride only a few days a week, you may not need to purchase a monthly pass, but could instead choose one of the other MBTA pass options:

  • The CharlieCard is a smart card for subway and bus use that stores value for single or multiple rides. You load the card with value using cash, credit/debit cards, or recharge online. For more information on the CharlieCard visit the MBTA website.
  • The Commuter Boat Pass is an option for students who live in Charlestown, Hingham, or Hull.
  • We suggest either the Zone 1A or LINK Pass. While there is no difference in price between the two, we usually suggest students opt for the LINK Pass-unless you know you will regularly be traveling on the Commuter Rail. Also the LINK Pass is distributed once for the semester, whereas the Zone 1A Pass must be picked up monthly.

How Do I Buy a T-Pass?

Submission and Payment

Students must pre-pay for the entire semester either by credit/debit card or personal check made out to “Boston Architectural College.” Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash.

You can submit your order online.

When Do I Get My T-Pass?

All students who have ordered a T-Pass will be notified when passes are available for pick-up at OSL on the first floor of the 320 Newbury Street building.

  • Students who have ordered any of the bus passes or the LINK pass only have to pick up a pass once at the beginning of the semester.
  • Students who have ordered a Zone or Boat pass must pick up a new pass for each month.
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