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Practice Assessments

One-on-one Practice Assessments lay the foundation for you to earn your license hours and develop your skills and competencies as a professional designer.

What Happens at a Practice Assessment?

Practice examiners, who are all practicing design professionals, meet with you to evaluate your learning through a reflective evaluation of your portfolio, supervisor feedback, and your ability to articulate your own understanding and appreciation of what you have learned in settings outside the classroom.

Based on the evidence presented, the Practice examiner evaluates your progress and notes progress by assigning you a higher skill level. They also provide verbal and written feedback, help you plan next steps in your career development, and guide you to become a better advocate for your progress and advanced learning.

Scheduling a Practice Assessment

Please log in to the BAC Practice Portal to set up your appointment.

Preparing for a Practice Assessment

For all the details on how to manage Practice requirements, please log in to the Practice Assessment in Moodle.

For Master of Architecture Online students, please log in to the Practice Assessment Online M.Arch in Moodle.

Have More Questions?

Contact the Practice Department