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Reporting Practice Hours

After you have earned Practice Hours, you now need to report them to the Practice Department.

How Do I Submit Practice Forms to Receive Credit?

To report hours worked, students submit their information through the Practice Forms Portal. For step-by-step instructions with screenshots, refer to the Guide to Practice Hours Reporting (pdf).

After you click submit, you will receive a confirmation number in your BAC email inbox letting you know that your information has been received.

*Please note: Your submission will not be considered complete until we have received a supervisor-signed copy of your Practice report or registration form.

When Do I Report Practice Hours?

The deadline to submit practice hours for each semester is listed in the academic calendar. If you have a terminated a position before the reporting period ends, you will have the option to report hours early through the Practice Forms Portal.

How Many Hours Can I Report?

You can report up to 45 hours per week. However, if you worked more than that during the reporting period, you may need to provide a signed letter from your supervisor confirming that the hours you have submitted are correct for this reporting period to

What do the Categories on the Practice Report Stand for?

The categories listed under Practice Report Hours are specific to each student's program. You can check the Student Learning Contract (SLC) below to learn what settings are design-related and approved for the submission of Practice Hours.

Please note: Hours accepted by the BAC Practice Department may or may not be approved by NCARB and NCIDQ for Architecture and Interior Design licensure.

Student Learning Contract


  • Critical Thinking *
  • Investigation, Inquiry & Analysis *
  • Creative Thinking *
  • Problem Solving *
  • Programming + Feasibility **
  • Site / Existing Conditions Analysis **
  • Use of Precedents, Reading & Research * Social Interaction & Human-Centered Design Intercultural Knowledge & Competence * Environmental Stewardship & Global Learning * Integrative & Applied Learning *

Professional Values and Organization

  • Written Communication *
  • Oral Communication & Presentation Delivery * Information Literacy *
  • Ethical Reasoning, Integrity & Professionalism * Personal Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Teamwork & Collaboration *
  • Leadership + Service **

Representation and Technical Tools

  • Model Building / Fabrication
  • Building Information Modelling (Revit)
  • 2d & 3D CAD Drafting (AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino) 3D Illustrative Rendering
  • Web/Graphic/Interactive Design
  • Adobe CS Suite (PSD, AI, IND)
  • Manual Drafting Freehand Sketching Diagramming

* Aligned with Value Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education

** Aligned w/ Accreditation and Licensing Board criteria

Design Implementation and Professional Project Delivery

  • Planning, Zoning or Permitting Regulations **
  • Schematic Design + Design Development **
  • Engineered Systems (Service, Structural, Environmental) **
  • Financial Considerations + Project Cost **
  • Codes & Regulations **
  • Technical + Construction Documents **
  • Material, Lighting, FF&E Selection **
  • Specifications **
  • Construction Admin & Observation **

Practice Management and Design Entrepreneurship

  • Business Practices + Operations **
  • Team Building
  • Stakeholder Roles
  • Budgeting / Accounting
  • Schedule & Work Plan Development Project Management **
  • Bidding & Contract Negotiation **
  • Marketing Support
  • Market Research

Public Interest Design, Service Learning, and Design Research

  • Attend Professional Lectures / Conferences Office Committees / Student Groups Professional / Cultural Organizations Mentoring
  • Teaching / Conducting Workshops
  • Civic Engagement, Service + Volunteerism * Writing for Grant Proposal or Design Publication Design Competitions
  • Research Project (Ideate, Document, Publish)

* Aligned with Value Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education

** Aligned w/ Accreditation and Licensing Board criteria

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