Continuing Education Credits in Sustainable Design

The American Institute of Architects (AIA)

The AIA has approved the following sustainable design courses for continuing education Learning Units (LUs), and some specifically in the area of Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) for architectural registration and AIA membership requirements. AIA members who are registering for an AIA-approved course online will need to call their AIA number into the BAC at 617.585.0135 after they have completed their registration. Continuing Education at the BAC will then report their attendance to the AIA once the course is completed. Students who are not AIA members can receive a letter of completion for their files by calling Continuing Education in the Registrar's Office. See below for a list of AIA-approved courses.

For further information on continuing education credits, contact the BAC at or 617.585.0135.


AIA-Approved Courses
Approved for 24 Learning Units

  • Marketing Sustainability

Approved for 24 HSW Learning Units

  • Sustainable Design as a Way of Thinking
  • Multiple Urbanisms: Divergence or Synergy
  • Sustainable Design and Preservation
  • Urgent and Hopeful Future of Sustainable Design
  • Global Perspectives on Sustainable Design
  • Solar Energy: Design with the Sun
  • The Zero Energy Home: What, How, and If
  • Residential Energy Modeling
  • Greening Existing Buildings
  • Green Practice: Energy and Air Quality Principles
  • Sustainable Communities: Land Use, Transportation, and Planning
  • Sustainable Design of Healthcare Facilities
  • Design for Social Resilience
  • Renewable Energy Sources 
  • Green Residential Remodeling & Renovation
  • Greening the City
  • Daylighting and State-of-the-Art Electric Lighting