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Registering for Classes

When it comes time to register for classes, the Registrar’s Office is your go-to resource for everything you need. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have some additional questions, please contact us at 617.585.0135 or

How Do I Register for Courses?

You will register for your courses through Self-Service. Click here for step-by-step directions.

All matriculated students have a Self-Service account. If you have trouble logging into your account, please contact the IT Help Desk at or 617.585.0191.

Course Prerequisites

Please note that certain courses require the completion of a prerequisite course prior to registering, which are listed in the course description in Self-Service. To override a prerequisite, you need the approval of the Dean.

Degree Requirements

Not sure what classes you should be registering for, or which electives courses are approved? Please review your degree program’s curriculum page for more information.

Approved Electives

Elective courses offered may vary each semester. Please contact your advisor for any updates or if you have any questions.

Spring 2023 Course Scheduling Information

When registering for Spring 2023 classes, please follow the below guidelines. You can also view more detailed information.

  • Courses with sections of A, B, C, D, etc., will be onsite at the BAC. Students will be expected to meet on campus on the days and times listed for that section.
  • Courses with sections 1D/2D, 1RMT/2RMT, 1MDS/2MDS, or 1Z/2Z, etc., will be fully remote, via an online platform. There are three meeting formats for how remote courses may be instructed, as noted below:
    • If a course has a meeting day of ASYNCHRONOUS, students will not be required to meet weekly in real-time with the instructor.
    • If a course has a specific day and time listed, students will be required to attend class, via an online platform, at those times.
    • If a course is listed as ONLINE 12:00am – 12:00pm, then the course will have synchronous meetings, but the class times are not pre-determined. Instructors and students will set meeting times the first week of classes.

When Do I Register?

Spring 2023 Registration Dates & Times

All Distance Students           Monday, October 31 at 9:30am
Segment III Students Monday, October 31 at 9:30am
Segment II Students Tuesday, November 1 at 9:30am
Segment I Students Wednesday, November 2 at 9:30am

Online registration will close for all students on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 5 pm.

Segment Definitions

  • Segment III students are defined as a student who has passed or is currently registered for the December PR890/PRV0002 Portfolio Review II.
  • Segment II students are defined as a student who has passed or is currently registered for the December PR450/PRV0001 Portfolio Review I.
  • Segment I students are defined as a student who has not passed or is not currently registered for December PR450/PRV0001 Portfolio Review I.

Important information regarding registration:

  • All stops must be cleared from your account before registering. If you have a stop on your account (Bursar, Practice, Library, Advising, or Immunization) you will not be able to register.
  • Any student who registers after the end of online registration will be subject to a $100 Late Registration Fee.
  • If you encounter any issues when registering, please contact the Registrar's Office as soon as possible at 617.585.0135 or

Spring 2023 Practice Hour Registration will be open on Self-Service from October 31, 2021 - January 27, 2023. You can register your anticipated practice hours via Self-Service. Please register for the course that corresponds with the number of hours you anticipate you will work during the semester:

PHA000-A: Not Employed

0 Credits

PHA10150-A: 150 - 299 Anticipated Practice Hours

1.5 Credits

PHA0300-A: 300 - 449 Anticipated Practice Hours

3.0 Credits

PHA0450-A: 450 - 599 Anticipated Practice Hours

4.5 Credits

PHA0600-A: 600+ Anticipated Practice Hours

6.0 Credits

Undergraduate students enrolled in at least 6 academic credits for the semester can use anticipated practice hours towards their enrollment status. Graduate students enrolled in at least 4.5 academic credits for the semester can use anticipated practice hours toward their enrollment status. Students who do not register their anticipated practice hours will still be able to report their hours at the end of the semester; however, those hours will not be counted towards enrollment status.

Learn more on the Practice: Learn through Experience page.

New Online M.Arch, Online MDS and MSIA Students:

  • Students will automatically be registered for courses once the intent to register fee has been paid. Changes to schedule may be made by contacting the Registrar's Office at 617.585.0135 or

New On Campus Students:

  • After the intent to register fee is paid, new onsite students will automatically be registered for courses. Changes to schedules may be made during New Student Orientation.
  • Before starting classes, new onsite students must:
    • Pay their tuition balance
    • Accept or waive the student health insurance
    • Pay or waive the tuition insurance information
    • Submit any outstanding immunizations

What If the Course I Want Is Full?

What If the Course I Want Is Full?

If you would like to be added to the waitlist for a course, you can do so via Self-Service, or you can submit an Add/Drop Request Form (online) to the Registrar's Office. Please note that you cannot be added to the waitlist over the phone.

If a seat opens in a waitlisted course, the first student on the waitlist will be enrolled in the course and will be notified via email. In the meantime, find an alternate course that fits your schedule just in case your first choice remains unavailable.

Independent Study

Through independent study, you can design a course specific to your educational interests and needs, or to take a class that is not offered in the current semester.

First, you should initiate your planning process with the appropriate Dean or Education Director well in advance of registration.

To gain approval for an independent study, the following requirements must be met:

  • The student must submit the Independent Study Contract (PDF). This form must be signed by you, the instructor overseeing the independent study, and the appropriate Dean or Educational Director.
  • For the creation of new courses, you must also submit a 1-3 page typed description of the proposed course including a schedule of meetings with the instructor, assignments to be submitted, and the description of the final project; and a resume from the instructor if they are not a BAC Faculty Member.

All materials must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by the end of the add period for which the independent study will take place.

ProArts Consortium

The BAC is a member of the Professional Arts Consortium, an association of seven higher education schools and colleges in the Boston area that focus on the visual and performing arts. BAC students may be eligible to enroll in courses offered by other ProArts members, which includes Berklee College of Music, The Boston Conservatory, Emerson College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, New England Conservatory, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts.

For more information about registering for classes through the ProArts program, please contact the Registrar at 617.585.0135 or

Help from Your Advisor

We encourage you to speak with your advisor if you have questions relating to course sequencing and educational plans.

Paying for Courses

Tuition charges are based on your registration. Check with the Bursar’s Office for more information about tuition and fees, payment options, and more. You can also check with Financial Aid for more information about scholarships, loans, and other types of aid, as well as how to apply for federal financial aid.

Need More Assistance?

Registrar Office
320 Newbury Street,
first floor next to Admissions.