Landscape Design

Courses and Certificate

Student plan drawing of an amphitheatre in the woods

Amphitheater sketch by Estelle Espe-Chase

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    The Certificate in Landscape Design is no longer offered and is not accepting new students. If you have questions, please contact The Landscape Institute.

    Fall 2016 Landscape Design Courses and Equivalencies

    The Certificate in Landscape Design emphasizes the interaction between human needs and the environment and provides students with practical skills for understanding landscape design. All design studios use actual sites as case studies to teach the design process and problem solving. Students chart their way through the curriculum to suit their schedule and learning style. Below is a sample three-year course of study for a Landscape Design Certificate. The 'sample' learning path assumes the student will take one course per semester. Contact the Landscape Office for support in planning your learning path.

    First Year: Drafting, Design I, Plants/horticulture, History
    Second Year: Construction/site engineering, History, Design II, Design III, plants/horticulture
    Third Year: Construction/site engineering, independent project, one other landscape course or 2 modules.

    Landscape Design Certificate Curriculum

    These are the courses that must be completed:

    • Design I, II, and III (9 credits)
    • Landscape Design history (3 credits)
    • Horticulture (3 credits)
    • Landscape Design Drafting, and Design & Visual Media (1 credit)
    • Landscape Construction, and Site Engineering (6 credits)
    • Independent Project or Vectorworks seminar with a Design IV capstone studio (3 credits)
    • Electives - negotiated with an advisor (4.5 credits)