Planting Design

    Courses and Certificate

    The Dogwood flower is composed of four showy white bracts which appear like petals.

    Photo by Bonica Ayala; Bonica Ayala

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      The Certificate in Planting Design is no longer offered and is not accepting new students. If you have questions, please contact The Landscape Institute.

      Fall 2016 Planting Design Courses and Equivalencies

      Planting design is an art that requires a professional knowledgeable in horticulture and creativity with nature's palette. The BAC's Planting Design Certificate prepares you to effectively use living materials in the design of environments that are functional and sustainable and that harmonize aesthetically with their surroundings. You will learn methods of site design, materials choice, and plant selections as you prepare for a rewarding career as a sole practitioner, as part of a retail garden operation, or as a team member in a landscape architecture firm. All classes in the Planting Design Certificate transfer into the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program.

      Planting Design Certificate Curriculum

      To earn the Certificate in Planting Design, students must complete the following 11 courses:

      • Required Courses
        • Landscape Construction Methods and Materials
        • Design & Digital Media
        • Visual Studies Elective
        • Choose one landscape elective
      • Choose One Introduction Studio
        • Introduction to Landscape Architecture Studio
        • Design I: Process - Fundamentals
      • Choose One Additional Studio
        • Landscape Architecture Studio: Concept and Synthesis
        • Design II: Methods - Design with Landscape Systems
      • Choose Six
        • Planting Design I
        • Planting Design Composition
        • Plant Taxonomy
        • Plant and Soil Associations
        • Native Plant Communities
        • Professional Planting Design
        • Sustainable Planting Applications
        • Botany
        • Horticultural Sciences I: Trees
        • Horticultural Sciences II: Shrubs
        • Horticultural Sciences III: Perenials
        • Perennial Garden Design
        • Field Identification of Trees and Shrubs