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Building a healthy and sustainable world for future generations.

The Sustainable Design Institute

The Sustainable Design Institute (SDI) at the BAC is dedicated to helping students learn about the practices, processes, and materials with which we can create a truly sustainable built environment.

We offer:

Wherever you are, if you are someone who is already a part of the building industry and wants to sharpen or develop your skills in sustainable design, or if you are someone who would like to contribute to the creation of a sustainable built environment as a sustainability officer, an author, a researcher, a consultant, an advocate, or in a number of other roles, the SDI can help you reach your goals.

We offer fully online, graduate-level, eight-week courses that can be taken individually or as part of the Sustainable Design Certificate. Many courses are approved for continuing education credits by the AIA, GBCI, and EADC.

SDI courses are...

  • Asynchronous: Our students and instructors are in all time zones. Students enter the virtual classroom according to their own daily schedules.
  • Instructor-led: By being instructor-led, SDI students are able to engage in give-and-take with the building industry experts who develop and teach the courses.
  • Interactive: The interactive nature of the courses exposes students to each other's ideas and experience as well as to those of the instructor.
  • Small: Class sizes are limited to 15 students, making manageable and meaningful discussions possible.

We Are Where You Are

The SDI faculty is made up of experienced sustainable design practitioners and includes architects, engineers, research professionals, landscape architects, interior designers, planners, green building consultants, and authors.