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    Practice: The BAC Difference

    What do BAC students make?

    The Boston Architectural College is the only nationally accredited design school offering degrees in architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture that merge professional employment with academic coursework. This simultaneous learning inside and outside the classroom has been a core value of the BAC for more than 125 years.

    Combining classes and studios with learning in your field helps you to advance your design career while in school. The success of this learning model is evidenced by the number of students in each graduating class employed in the design field on the day they graduate—an average of 90%.


    How Practice Works

    Our programs in architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture include professional growth and development in the curriculum. Students meet these requirements by earning Practice hours and through one-on-one Practice assessments with accomplished design professionals.

    Our Career Services provides professional advising and a range of resources to help you identify your career goals and determine the appropriate steps toward developing and realizing those goals. Career Services hosts workshops and networking events to build professional skills and relationships with Boston’s professional design community.

    Practice Hours

    Practice hours are earned through the development and application of knowledge and skills in settings outside the classroom or studio.

    Students are encouraged to pursue meaningful opportunities in settings that allow them to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies essential to their chosen career path.

    Whether working at a design firm, participating in collaborative projects or competitions, traveling abroad, or conducting independent applied research, learning outside the classroom provides students with robust opportunities to explore career paths, develop crucial professional skills, and create a network of valuable contacts.

    Practice Assessments

    One-on-one Practice Assessments lay the foundation for you to earn your license hours and develop your skills and competencies as a professional designer. Practice examiners, who are all practicing design professionals, meet with you to evaluate your Practice learning through a reflective evaluation of your portfolio, supervisor feedback, and your own understanding and appreciation of what you have learned in settings outside the classroom.

    Examiners and Practice faculty help you develop a strategy for your next steps at work, teach you how to become better advocates for your learning, and provide verbal and written feedback.

    Learn More

    Questions? Contact the Practice Department: | 617.585.0145