Important Dates

Spring 2018 (December 17, 2017 - May 21, 2018)
June 4, 2018 - Deadline for reporting Practice Hours gained during Spring 2018 (Spring 2018 Practice Report Form)

Summer 2018 (May 22 - July 28, 2018)
June 8, 2018 - Deadline to register Practice Status & Anticipated Hours For Summer 2018 (Summer 2018 Practice Registration Form)


    Practice Requirements

    Students enrolled in the BAC's undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture satisfy requirements for professional growth and development through the acquisition of Practice hours and periodic, one-on-one Practice assessments with licensed design professionals. 

    For more information about Practice assessments and Practice hours, visit:

    The following matrix categorizes the sequence of Practice requirements per program.

    Note:  M.Arch students enrolled in IPAL are required to earn a total of 3,800 Practice hours to graduate.

    Sequence of Practice Requirements per Program

    1 Adapted from Gelmon, S.B. Agre-Kippenhan, S., & Cress, C.M. (2013). Beyond a grade. Are we making a Difference?: The benefits and challenges of evaluating learning and serving. In C.M. Cress, P.J. Collier, V.L. Reitenauer, & Associates (Eds.), Learning through serving: a student guidebook for service-learning and civic engagement across the disciplines and cultural communities (p. 168–169). Sterling, Virginia: Stylus Publishing, LLC.

    2 Prior to Fall 2016, skill levels were referenced as: New Student = Skill Level 0; Beginner = Skill Level 1–2; Engaged = Skill Level 3–6; Advanced = Skill Level 7–8.

    3 B.Arch and M.Arch students with prior industry experience may petition for the transfer of up to 1,500 prior Practice hours. Contact the Practice Department at for more information.