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Practice Assessments

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9 am–7:30 pm
9 am–5 pm

    One-on-One Practice Assessments lay the foundation for students to develop their skills and competencies as professional designers. Practice faculty, who are all practicing design professionals, meet with students to evaluate experiential learning through interview questions, portfolio documentation, supervisor feedback, and the Student Learning Contract. Based on that evidence, the faculty then assign a Skill Level. Faculty also help students develop a strategy for their next steps at work, teach them how to become better advocates for their own learning, and provide verbal and written feedback to the student.


    Students must bring the following materials to their assessment:

    1. Practice Portfolio (hard copy and digital copy)

    • NOTE: The template includes the reflective essay questions and self-assessment questions. The student can either:
      • Download this template. (If you are using an earlier and incompatible version of InDesign, download the PDF for reference.) The Practice Portfolio must include the reflective essay, resume, and self-assessment; otherwise, your Practice Assessment will be considered incomplete.


      • Design your own Practice Portfolio. Students can design their own layout if they feel it reflects their work in a more positive light. (Note: Print a color copy or save a digital copy of the portfolio template above. Read the questions and context, highlighted in red, and answer those questions in your portfolio. Otherwise, the portfolio may be considered incomplete.)

    • Bring one bound hard copy, and one digital copy (on CD or a flash drive) of your new Practice Portfolio.
    • Note: The examiner is looking for rich design process, not just a final digital picture with a caption. They want to know more about what analytical skills were used and how these skills were graphically represented. This is no different than an academic portfolio, or a professional portfolio. 

    2. Completed Supervisor Assessment: Download, send to your supervisor to complete, and bring a copy of the completed form to your Practice Assessment.

    3. Last Practice Assessment Portfolio or last Segment I/Segment II Portfolio Review Portfolio (if applicable)

    • If it has been over a year since you had a Practice Assessment, bring either your last Practice Assessment Portfolio or your last Segment I/Segment II Portfolio Review Portfolio in a digital copy (on CD or a flash drive). This information will assist the examiner in converting the information from the previous Student Learning Contract to the new Student Learning Contract.