Contract for Educational Progress

Students pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture, along with Bachelor of Design Studies students who entered their program prior to Fall 2013, are required to earn a minimum number of Practice Hours and demonstrate increased competency by achieving milestone Skill Levels throughout their academic career. During the Practice Assessment process, the Practice examiner determines if additional evidence of learning should be administered through a Contract for Educational Progress (CEP).

A CEP is needed if:

  • A student has not attended his or her Practice Assessment and has failed to cancel the appointment at least two days prior (48 hours) to the scheduled date and time, or
  • A student has not met the required Skill Level in order to sit for Portfolio Review or clear for graduation.

The CEP process is intended to assist students in identifying areas of opportunity and challenges. It also clarifies and documents learning objectives, goals, strategies, and metrics to help the student progress in his or her professional development, earn sufficient Practice Hours, and gain meaningful experience in program-specific categories that are necessary to advance to the next Skill Level.

The student will meet initially with an assigned Practice staff person or examiner. An academic advisor or program department head may be present at the meeting. The student will continue to maintain a dialogue with the appropriate examiner or Practice staff person until it is mutually agreed that sufficient progress in professional development has been made. If the process requires more than two semesters and the student has not regained good academic standing and/or Practice standing, the student will meet with the Practice Department head, program department head, and the academic department head to determine next steps.