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    Fall 2019 (July 28, 2019 - December 14, 2019)
    Please report hours gained during Fall 2019 on the Practice Forms Portal.



      Reporting Practice Hours

      Forms, Reporting Tools, and Types of Employment

      Practice Hours Reporting FAQs

      What Practice forms do I need to submit to receive Practice hours?

      Students submit two forms at the end of every academic semester:

      • Practice Report of Practice hours earned during the previous practice semester
      • Practice Registration of current practice status and anticipated hours for the upcoming semester

      Both forms are found on the Practice Forms Portal.  For step-by-step instructions with screenshots, refer to the Guide to Practice Hours Reporting.

      When do students need to submit Practice Forms?

      Both forms are submitted three times per year: at the end of the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  The deadline for submitting Practice forms is typically announced by the Registrar office toward the end of the semester.

      Note:  students who are being considered for financial aid are required to register their practice status and anticipated hours.

      How do I submit my signed Practice Forms?

      You can submit the signed forms (each form needs to be signed by the appropriate work supervisor) as PDF files (10 MB limit) to

      How do I know my information was received by the Practice Department? 

      After you click submit you will receive a confirmation number in your BAC email inbox letting you know that your information has been received. Please note: Your submission will not be considered complete until we have received a supervisor-signed copy of your practice report or registration form.

      What if I worked multiple jobs during a single reporting period?

      You can complete a separate form for each job.

      What if I terminated my job before the end of the semester -- can I report hours early?

      Students have the option to report hours early if they have terminated a position before the reporting cycle ends.  If you registered your practice status on time, you will see a "Report Hours Early" button next to your submission upon logging into the Practice Forms Portal.

      What is the total number of hours allowed for each reporting period?

      Students can report up to 45 hours per week.

      I have exceeded the total hour limit for this reporting period. What further documentation would I need to present for my hours to be accepted?

      Exceeding the total hour limit tells us that you have worked on average more than 45 hours per week during this reporting period. In order to have these extra hours approved by Practice, we may ask that you provide documentation to support your claim. This means you will need to submit a signed letter from your supervisor confirming that the hours you have submitted are correct for this reporting period.

      What do the categories stand for on the Practice Report?

      The categories listed under Practice Report Hours are specific to each student's program. For more information on Practice Hour categories, refer to the Student Learning Contract (SLC). Students can check their SLC to learn what settings are design-related and approved for the submission of Practice Hours. Please note: Hours accepted by the BAC Practice Department may or may not be approved by NCARB and NCIDQ for Architecture and Interior Design licensure.