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In real estate development, we need people with a wide range of skills...who understand the whole process, who can overlay their financial skills with an awareness of the power of design, a knowledge of urban planning issues, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and have an ability to lead and work in teams. This Real Estate Development program at the BAC is oriented to creating this valuable new kind of real estate development professional.
   -Ronald W. Wackrow, Executive Vice President, Related Companies

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The Boston Architectural College (BAC) is on the cutting-edge of design studies-now, we're bringing the BAC's long history of innovative teaching to the real estate development field. Working with a professional advisory panel of regional, national, and international practitioners, the BAC created the MDS in Real Estate Development.

The program is designed by concentrating on our unique strengths through combining traditional real estate development learning with architectural design. Students are immersed in curriculum including finance, design, sustainability, and community engagement. The MDS in Real Estate Development is also distinguished by the breadth of electives available-allowing students to develop a concentration through advised electives.

The BAC knows these are exciting times for professionals working in the fast-paced field of real estate development. Architecture, design and development firms, construction companies, government agencies, and corporations are actively hiring experts in this growing field. This cutting-edge program developed by leading professionals emphasizes the distinctive skills necessary for students to succeed and prosper over the long-term.



The MDS in Real Estate Development is geared towards a wide audience of potential students seeking careers in real estate development-ranging from residential or commercial and collaborating with for profit and nonprofit developers. The program also provides entry into a myriad of careers in affiliated professions of real property asset management, investment, market study/appraisals and many other opportunities in private and governmental sectors. The focus of this degree will be to prepare students to create and develop real property as entrepreneurs or for organizations . In addition to a core curriculum with electives, there will be practicum and capstone projects, potential internships and intersections with private and governmental agencies with ties to the degree program. Students will participate in design and real estate development studios as well as have the ability to develop a concentration, through advised electives, in allied fields like community development, sustainable design, and adaptive reuse of historic properties. The MDS in Real Estate Development is distinguished by this breadth of electives over and above a finance curriculum exclusively. With a focus on providing direct training in real development decision making, the majority of the courses will be taught from the owner/developer point of view.


  • Real property asset manager
  • Marketing/sales in real estate
  • Real Estate Investment Analyst
  • Financial career in real estate lending
  • Appraiser and market studies professional
  • Real estate developer - for profit or non profit
  • Real Estate Strategist for corporation or other entities
  • Director or Real Estate for educational institution, state or local agency