Landscape Architecture Faculty

Landscape Architecture Faculty


María Bellalta
Dean and Faculty, School of Landscape Architecture; Chair of Foundation Studies; Director of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studios

CityX: LA Theory and Practice, Social Urbanism Travel Studio, Advanced Interdisciplinary Studios

Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Bachelor of Arts, University of Notre Dame

María Bellalta


Foundation Faculty
Lee Peters, Director of Foundation Studios, School of Architecture
Manuela Mariani, Assistant Director of Foundation Studios, School of ArchitectureAdjunct Faculty
Natalie Adams, Advanced Indisciplinary Studio
Sara Bourque, Housing and Institutional Planning, Practice Advisor, CityLab Coordinator
Paul Cote, Landscape Representation, GIS
Tom Doolittle, Public Policy and Environmental Ethics
Terence Duffy, Degree Project Studio
Vahram Elagöz, Botany
Michael Fiorillo, Sustainable Material Assemblies
Scott Fulford, Research Methods, Thesis Research
Jim Gorman, Landscape Plants, Taxonomy
Margarita Iglesia, Housing and Institutional Planning, Sustainable Design Institute
Chanwoo Kim, Urban Design and Infrastructure Networks Studio
James Kimball, Professional Practice
Cortney Kirk, Sustainable Planting Design and Practices
Jessica Leete, Ecology Systems
Beth Lundell Garver, CityLab, Director of Applied Learning in Practice, Practice Faculty, Practice Advisor
Ellen Merritt, Thesis Studio
Cate Oranchak, Grading and Stormwater Management
Bertha Pantoja, Foundation Studios, Construction Technology
Allen Penniman, Urban Design and Infrastructure Networks Studio
Marion Pressley, LA History, Contemporary History of Landscape Architecture
Juli Riemenschneider, Degree Project Studio
Hongbing Tang, Grading and Stormwater Management