2012 DesignIntelligence Rankings: Master and Bachelor of Interior Design Programs in Top Five

BAC named a Top School in the East

Interior Design Students with President Ted Landsmark

Interior Design Students with President Ted Landsmark

©Liz Linder Photography

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce that DesignIntelligence has ranked the BAC Master of Interior Design and Bachelor of Interior Design programs within the top 10, at number 5 and 3 respectively.

Within the Regional Rankings, the BAC is listed as a top 10 school in the East. Regional Rankings include the input of practicing professionals from firms who weigh in on schools that are not necessarily within their own region.

Ted Landsmark, Boston Architectural College comments, "Over 80% of our graduates over the past few years have already been employed in the design professions when they graduated, because they are well prepared for the responsibilities and challenges now facing practitioners. The education of emerging professionals now requires inter-disciplinary knowledge of how clients' needs can best be met, and our graduates are confident that they can meet these needs and serve society well into the future."

Each year, DesignIntelligence, and the Greenway Group management consultants, conduct an exhaustive review and analysis of architecture and design schools to uncover the levels of excellence that are being delivered in higher education today, and publish the results annually in America's Best Architecture & Design Schools. The research, conducted mid-2011, ranks undergraduate and graduate programs from the perspective of leading practitioners who have direct experience hiring and supervising the performance of recent graduates. In addition to leading practitioners from top national firms, Deans and Chairs of 111 academic programs and 2300 students were surveyed, with data presented separately from the practitioner rankings. Additional issues were queried, such as how programs rate in teaching various skills.