Alumni Reception at Build Boston

Robert Shure, Honorary Alum recipient, recognized for his work and deep commitment to the visual arts.

Robert Shure, Honorary Alum recipient, recognized for his work and deep commitment to the visual arts.; Photo by Bonica Ayala

Each year during the Alumni Reception at Build Boston, the BAC Alumni Association Board takes the opportunity to honor and recognize, in the presence of their peers, those who have made significant contributions to the College and the larger design community. 100 alumni and friends join together for an evening of mingling, refreshments, and fun while overlooking the Boston skyline and Boston waterfront.

This year, the Alumni Association Board chose three members of the BAC community to proclaim Honorary Alums and one alum to recognize with the Distinguished Alumni in Practice Award.

Alumni Association Board Vice President William Boxx '06 kicked off the awards presentation with the announcement the three Honorary Alums: Russel Feldman, AIA, Herbert Kronish and Robert Shure.

The Boston Architectural College recognized Russel Feldman, AIA for his dedication and committed service to the educational programs at the BAC and for his steadfast efforts in governance, including his role as Chair of the Board of Trustees. Russ is the president of TBA Architects, Inc. of Waltham, MA and San Francisco and has been active at the BAC since 1979, serving as an Overseer as a volunteer thesis advisor, thesis panel member, and as a studio instructor and design critic in the Architecture and Interior Design Programs.

Herbert Kronish was proclaimed Honorary Alumnus in recognition of his decades of academic service to the BAC and its students. Herb has served as a member to the BAC Board , been a member of both the academic and practice components of the faculty for more than 30 years, during which time he worked with Don Brown, former BAC Director of the Practice Component, initiating and conducting several hundred community design studios, and chaired the Practice Faculty. Herb is known for his dedication and collaborative nature and considers himself as much an educator as an architect.

Robert Shure was recognized for his work and deep commitment to the visual arts. After earning a Master of Fine Arts for sculpting and graduating com laude from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 1973, Robert became an assistant at the traditional sculpture studio of BAC Dean Archangelo Cascieri and Adio diBiccari. From the early 1970's through the 1980's, Robert helped produce many of the public monuments, sculpture, memorials, and restorations completed at the Cascieri-diBiccari studio. Robert also produced the plaster model known as the beehive of Selfless Labor Award, originally designed and sculpted by Dean Cascieri and a beloved symbol or the College. The Selfless Labor Award is given each year to honor those alums that have shown conspicuous service to the BAC in a volunteer capacity over an extended period of time.

Alumni who receive the Distinguished Alumni in Practice Award are considered to be role models to our students, and represent the best talent that the BAC has nourished and cultivated. The award, presented by Alumni Association Board Director and Alumni Recognitions and Awards Chair David Jaquith '69, went to Rudolph Bedar '51, AIA Emeritus. The award was inscribed to reflect Rudy's significant contribution to the architectural profession: for distinguished work in the field, as nominated and voted by his alumni peers. The Boston Architectural College Alumni Association gratefully acknowledges the contributions he has made to the design community through his Practice of Architecture. His achievements give witness to the mission of the BAC and his ideas serve as beacons for the architectural profession.

The BAC and the Alumni Association extend their warms thanks to everyone who was able to attend and look forward to next year's Alumni Reception at Build Boston.