BAC Instructors Noted in Architizer A+Awards

Project #MIMMI Named Finalist in Architecture + Communication Category


Image courtesy Jack Cochran

The Boston Architectural College (BAC) congratulates instructors Jack Cochran and Carl Koepcke for their project MIMMI being named a finalist in the Architizer A+Awards, Architecture + Communication category. The Architizer A+Awards are a global award program to honor the best architecture, spaces, and products.

Designed by Jack and Carl's firm Urbain DRC in partnership with website designer INVIVIA, MIMMI (Minneapolis Interactive Macro-Mood Installation) was an interactive urban installation on display at the Minneapolis Convention Center in the summer of 2013. The project merged physical and digital communities together through the visual representation of people's mood. The cloud-like structure analyzed the emotive language in real-time from Twitter and reflected the community's emotions through an abstract colorful display.

"Our main interest with the project was to find a way to merge physical and digital communities together. We decided to focus on something that was really elemental and impacted conversations in both realms: people's mood," said Jack. "As we figured out a way to showcase the mood of the city as read through social media feeds, we kept coming back to weather as an underlying theme, since it so often affects our daily emotions. This focus on weather ended up guiding our choice of a cloud as an abstract concept for the installation, which misted and lit up to communicate the city's mood to visitors."

Jack and Carl both teach Community Practice and Gateway courses in the Practice Department at the BAC. Jack is also an educator in the Online Master of Architecture program. Jack and Carl's professional success exemplifies the BAC tradition of employing design professionals who offer students an excellent design education, steeped in the practicalities of real-world experience.