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BAC Student Profile: Boliak Seng

The BAC welcomes students from all over the world to study architecture and design. Each month, we'll introduce you to a BAC student to learn more about their BAC experience, how their interest in design began, which architects and designers inspire them, and more. This month, we introduce you to Boliak Seng.

Name: Boliak Seng
Hometown: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Program/Expected Graduation Date: Bachelor of Interior Architecture, May 2019

How did your interest in architecture/design begin?

I was born to an Asian family where design wasn't something that my family and a lot of other parents would think is a real job that could support or benefit their children in the future. Most parents would want their children to be a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc. But not design. I was 13 when my family moved to Lowell in 2007, and after graduating from Lowell High School in 2013, I went to Merrimack College for one year, majoring in Chemistry and planning to transfer to a Pharmacy School. While growing up, I always thought I wanted to be a Pharmacist or anything science-related. However, after my first year of college, I realized that Pharmacy wasn't exciting to me, plus there were struggles with language as English is my second language.

Then I started looking into something that I never thought of but something that I do every time I have a chance. I love to organize my room to try to make it look better, comfortable, neat, and make it look different, even though there isn't much I can do because of limited space. This is how I started looking into Interior Design to take my hobby and turn it into a real creative career for my future. I especially love to work with people, to find out their needs, and inspire them with my designs.

What made you want to study at the BAC?

The BAC is a small community but it is a school that will help students focus and achieve their dreams as a designer. I believe the BAC is a great school to study, improve my skills, and follow my dreams to become a professional Interior Architect.

What has your BAC experience been like?

Everyone at the school is very helpful and supportive. Every time I walk into the BAC, I always feel welcome. I have learned so many things that are very helpful. I always look back to my past work to compare how much I have learned and improved since I first started. I feel amazed and cannot wait for the next semester to come.

What is your favorite thing about studying architecture and design in Boston?

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, where a lot of old and new architecture exists. It is a great place to study architecture because students can easily walk around the city to explore the buildings, the styles, the history, etc. Boston inspires me, seeing the amazing buildings around the city makes me really want to become a designer.

Who is your favorite architect/designer and why?

My favorite interior designer is Rebecca Robeson. I am influenced by her design work. Part of the reason I decided to study interior architecture is because of her. Before deciding to come to the BAC, I did a lot of research, watching Youtube videos of exploring interior design and what it is. I found Robeson Design videos, and I watched so many videos of her residential design works, and I was so excited by her work and thought, "This is amazing. I want to be able to do this one day."

What are your architectural/design dreams and goals?

My goal is to become an Interior Architect! I want to work on residential, as well as commercial projects. I want to design memorable spaces for the user to have an incredible experience while serving their needs. I also have dreams to open my own design company one day in Cambodia.