BAC to host Boston Preservation Alliance 2016 Annual Meeting

Rich history of the BAC buildings will serve as backdrop for meeting of members

Eleni Glekas with historic preservation faculty member Arthur Krim

Eleni Glekas with historic preservation faculty member Arthur Krim at the opening of "Concrete Visions" in McCormick Gallery on March 4

The BAC is excited to host the annual meeting of the Boston Preservation Alliance (BPA) on Tuesday, March 15 in our own 320 Newbury Street building. This event coincides with the launch of the College's newest exhibition, Concrete Visions, which celebrates the history of Boston City Hall and the BAC's flagship building.

"The buildings that house the Boston Architectural College today are each thoughtfully maintained examples of two distinct architectural styles," said Emily Barge, communications manager for the BPA. "We're so pleased to host our Annual Meeting of Members in a space that is emblematic of Boston's architectural ingenuity and continues to serve the next generation of preservation, architecture and design students."

The annual meeting will feature a guest speaker Stephanie Meeks, President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. She will share insights into current trends, successes, and challenges in historic preservation throughout Boston and nationwide.

Eleni Glekas, Director of Historic Preservation at the BAC, recently joined the Young Advisors Board of the BPA and has worked closely with them on organizing this event. She will be inviting students and faculty to attend the meeting and network with members.

"We are thrilled to be hosting the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Boston Preservation Alliance. The BPA is composed of a wide variety of professionals, including historians, designers, developers, and more," commented Eleni. "This is an exciting opportunity to connect our community to their diverse network."

The 2016 BPA annual meeting will take place in Cascieri Hall at 6 pm. The program consists of a brief business meeting followed by the talk by Stephanie Meeks. Learn more on the BPA website.