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BAC Student Profile: Caroline Repard

The BAC welcomes students from all over the world to study architecture and design. Each month, we'll introduce you to a BAC student to learn more about their BAC experience, how their interest in design began, which architects and designers inspire them, and more. This month, we introduce you to Caroline Repard.

Name: Caroline Repard
Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Program/Expected Graduation Date: Master of Design Studies in Design for Human Health (MDS-DHH), Spring 2018

How did your interest in architecture and design begin?

It began with curiosity of space and how people use it. It fascinates me to observe people and how they interacted in a built environment, from moving things around to make themselves feel more at ease and appealing themselves, to how the space affects people differently depending on mood, culture, personality trait, or disposition.

What made you want to study at the BAC?

The Master of Design Studies in Design for Human Health resonated with me. As an interior designer that works on small public spaces - mainly common areas of high rises and condominium developments, I find myself explaining to clients and trades I work with why products and finishes should be specified and how design solutions can enhance the health and satisfaction (enjoyment) of the people when occupying the spaces we design.

What has your BAC experience been like?

Our program MDS-DHH is still very new and as such there was a learning curve with the courses' content and the amount of information and knowledge, plus expectations from both students and instructors. The program is good and important, and I think that the instructors have so much wealth to share which has been very rewarding. Having students from all walks of life and experiences has also been good as you learn from each other. The combination of intensives and online is good. Sometimes the online feels a little isolated but that is somewhat the nature of this form of learning. I also appreciated that there is some freedom to adjust course load to accommodate working full-time and other commitments.

During your annual intensives, where you and your classmates come to Boston for a week, what is your favorite thing about studying architecture and design in Boston?

The city is vibrant, elegant, and raw. Depending on which way you look, you see a different view. It is wonderful to explore and experience. The school environment is great and very accessible, and the faculty has been attentive. If you go in the summer take lots of sweaters as it is cold in the classrooms!

Who is your favorite architect/designer and why?

That is a loaded question because I admire the work and philosophies of many designers and architects. Architect David Adjaye is one as his philosophy is to strive to enrich and improve daily lives through his work. He designs to meet the needs of diverse communities, and he draws from the concept of sense of place or he calls it, "place and identity". Designer Isle Crawford is another favorite as her work is elegant and easily livable. Although I love her words more than anything as she used to be in publishing. She says, "Design is a verb, not a noun", or "we can't talk about sustainability and constantly produce more stuff". They are words to live by. I also love no-name creators of places and experiences that I see when I travel abroad and in my daily life. People that are expressing creativity in murals, gardens, shops, and homes. Observing and being inspired is never ending.

What are your architectural/design dreams and goals?

They keep evolving as I do. I want to continue to build my practice and work with likeminded people and projects that work to bring health to forefront of design. Complete health of mind and body. I believe that design can do this. It's action and not static. I also enjoy teaching which I have doing for many years part-time. I like the interaction of how people absorb knowledge and share, so I may explore that avenue more. I would love to do public speaking at trade shows or other venues, and share what I have learned, am learning, and continue to learn. I'd also love to take a sculpturing course as form and space, and how we interact with it intrigues me.